The son of Maria Pia Copello, surprised the crowd with unusual dance in a party


Anna Carina Copello, sparked the surprise of her followers by posting a funny video of your nephew Basque dancing on the notes of the most talked about song “Where you are”. To see him moving at a brisk pace while her sister, Catherine, sung, the singer did not hesitate to record and then share it on social networks.

“And while Catita sings, Vasquito is delivered!!!! I love my grandchildren!!!”he has written the interpreter for the peruvian express all the love for the 3 children of his sister Maria Pia.

The clip generated thousands of comments from fans on Instagram for this unusual video with the protagonist of the second son of Maria Pia Copello. “My son!!!!! Happily he is shy, he surprised all of us!!!!!!!!”he said that the influencer excited.


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