The singer Is in, the grandmother with a double to 44 years | People


Six months ago, in the month of January, the singer was announced that she had become a mother after adopting a boy of 18 years old. A little later, in may, the australian explained that in fact was not one, but two guys who had come to his house. Now, back to reveal that her family grew, she became a grandmother to them, only 44 years of age, and in addition has done the double.

So I explained to the interpreter Chandelier during a speech to the podcast dj Zane Lowe. “My youngest son has just had two children. I’m a fucking grandmother!”, she laughed, explaining that the boys now call him by the affectionate nickname of Nana, which is used with many grandmothers. She, however, with humor, realize that you are trying to call Lovey (something like “Treasure”), which is called by her grandchildren, Kris Jenner, the mother and manager of the famous Kardashian sisters.

It is unusual for Both to talk of his private life; in fact, it is also not usually show their face during their performances, because he is always covered by a large blonde wig, accompanied by a enormous bows or hats. However, it takes a few months of intense, personal revelation. For example, he spoke in an interview for The Morning Mash Up SiriusXM-Rm on these two children, which was adopted.

It was may of 2019, when he explained how he was struck by the stories that have been collected in the series Fostera documentary produced by HBO about the system of reception of children in Los Angeles in the display cases, it affects children, young people and social workers of these centres. Among the most striking was that of a young man of 16 years, who had spent most of their lives entrusted to a foster family, something which so shocked Is offered publicly and through social networks to welcome him. In the end, the two hosted, although it is not known if the young of that case was one of them. When they came to his house were 18 years of age and have now reached 19.

Also in the month of October, 2019, issued another statement. Be it said to their networks suffered from the so-called syndrome of Ehlers danlos syndrome, a hereditary disease that affects the skin, and which had just been diagnosed. “Hello, I suffer from chronic pain, a neurological disease, and the syndrome of Ehlers danlos syndrome, and I just wanted to say to all those who suffer from pain, whether physical or emotional, I want to go next. Life is fucking difficult, the pain is demoralizing, but you’re not alone,” said the australian on Twitter. It is also reported that the disease is a consequence of a “routine surgery three years ago”, and that has caused intense pain along a sensory nerve and its branches. “I’m taking the time to do intensive therapy,” he explained.

Now your last personal confession is that it has been grandmother for one of their children. The other has also given information, explaining that “it just came out of the closet” and who is gay. “It is in full bloom, it is the light of my life… I love Him very much.”