The other is-girls that are able to draw clothes


Alexa Chung has her own label of clothing (some missing). The uk has collaborated with a couple of collections AG Jeans (very easily copied, and a few months ago was presented as a commissioner –is not a designer of a line of 31 parts for Marks and Spencer. The aesthetics of their proposals, very british, very sixties, and, in short, very much to her– makes this a perfect hook for the army of fans chasing your English-style scruffy came out to buy their collaborations. But she is not the only it-girl converted into a designer/curator/let’s call it ‘x’. In addition to the collections of the ubiquitous sisters Jenner, that the same design of a top of a lipstick, we found three brands commanded by girls, much less famous, but much more elegant. They are not collaborations, but the banners that have recently begun their journey and have all the cards to continue the success. Away from the feísmo that dominates a large part of the sector, these enterprises fans, thanks to its feminine design and special.

1. Rouje, the study conducted by Giovanna Ladies

Jeanne Damas is a bit of Jane Birkin 2.0. He began his journey in the network, as a blogger (nothing to do with a egoblog the use was more of a collection of special moments in Paris) and is now considered as one of the it-girls French the most admired and influential from the specialized press. The american edition of Vogue he said: “it was the answer, in france, to Alexa Chung’s style, and his sloppy and female, in equal parts, was not slow to draw the attention of designers and brands. Ladies, it is common with the best front row and posed for & other Stories, Roger Vivier shoes, or little Girl, Lola. Stood at the gates of the protagonists Young and Beautiful and, in anticipation of his debut film (he has a secondary in the next Guillaume Canet, alongside Marion Cotillard), we were surprised by a couple of months ago for the launch of Roujethe own brand of clothing. The name, in honor of her lips always painted red, is so simple and captivating as his designs. Straight leg jeans high-rise, basic cotton t-shirt with the message, and patterned dresses are the key to your style converted into a brand. Their prices are not crazy: from 49 euro, cost of the t-shirt to 290 a jacket before, the most expensive piece. A few acérrimas of that je ne sais quoi so parisian, and so the Lord will be able to resist their designs with a point at the beginning of the seventies, careless, comfortable and, above all, the French.

Recommendation: the accounts of Instagram Jeanne Damas (with more than 200,000 followers) and Rouje, a collection of images of excellent aesthetics that makes each garment of the signature object of immediate desire.

Rouje, the wonderful French brand created spirit by Jeanne Damas.

Rouje, the wonderful French brand created spirit by Jeanne Damas. Photo: Rouje

2. Trois, the brand blogger and model Jennifer Humphrey

The publication of A Go-Go they do not have the media impact of the above-mentioned, nor their influence. However, their clothing brand, Trois (so called in honor of his favorite number, the three) has won a place in the landscape of online shopping and shopping produced by magazines and websites of fashion, in little more than a year of life. Their garments cover perfectly the needs of the contemporary: watch two-tone perfect for the office, dressed in an almost transparent night and an aftertaste noventero how to set the trends of the moment. Yes, anyone can expect to hardness. The minimalism and lack of colour are all features intrinsic to the DNA of the brand. Black, grey, naked white and have their heads in the perfect basic wardrobe, and it is impossible to find it in their catalog any less a concession for other tones. The prices are around 200 dollars on average (about 175 euro), even if there are 60 top and stockings 20.

Recommendation: the its line of lingerie, a song for absolute comfort bet from cotton and classic patterns.

Trois, the signature created by the model and blogger, Jennifer Humphrey.

Trois, the signature created by the model and blogger, Jennifer Humphrey. Photo: Trois

3. World, the signature of the blogger Alexandra Spencer

Blogger australia Alexandra Spencer, editor 4 ° and Beekerand his partner Teal Tabot to the stage in the 2015 World, a brand that makes a couple of days it jumped to the headlines because of his “dress-the sexist”. But long before it became the controversy, the brand has already gained a place in the wardrobe of the scope wardrobes of Alexa Chung or Bella Hadid (the causality of the life of Jeanne Damas –see point 1– is also a fan of their designs). Your online store is not renewed every week, as in the empires low-cost nor work in collections such as this. World is more than a handful of small special pieces (blouses, dresses and a skirt) that do not even add up to 20 heads in total. You’ll be able to recognize their designs for their print (stars and polka dots galore) and their generous necklines. Their prices exceed us $ 100 (about 90 euro) without getting the 200.

Recommendation: their blouses knotted at the chest, the garment star of the company.

it-girls brands

World, signature-driven bloggers the australian 4th and bleeker.

4. The Café Noir, the brand of the designer Lizzy Vdligt

The designer has about 250,000 followers on Instagram. Even if it is only for this reason, the new brand has many chances to become viral. So much so that the gray sweatshirt with the name of the banner, The Café Noir, is already part of the wardrobe of many factors of influence digital. Their proposal is a mix between Être Cécile (the hoodies have the same spirit) and the previous list, World, with which it shares the devotion to the shirts and dresses with patterns and feminine. Of time on the web it can only be purchased in the eleven products (the company has taken just outside), but it has many votes to become part of the process of shopping online to know that the majority of clothing.

Recommendation: its a grey sweatshirt with the name of the company.

The Café Noir, a new brand for the radar. Photo: Le Café Noir

5. HVN, a veteran Harley Viera-Newton

Harley Viera-Newton has spent many years in the practice of the hackneyed title of girl. She is the daughter of the president of Columbia Records, and was a cousin of the designer Charlotte Olympia. After working as a model and dj is launched as an entrepreneur at the forefront HVN, a signature of the dresses with cuts and prints, air vintage. The prices are for all pockets (600 euros on average), but their designs are aroused sighs. Selena Gomez or Emily Ratajkowski have already worn off.

Recommendation: the model of Morgan’s Dress with fancy hearts.

Two of the dresses of HVN. Photo: HVN