The Filter pack of an actress from Zoey 101


After many times have we seen similar situations, are not more surprised than anything for the hackers to do evil, and to sift through the pack of the famous, in spite of that for nothing means that is neither good nor need to go forward. This time the victim was Alexa Nikolasthat has given rise to Nicole Bristow in Zoey 101.

Alexa Nikolas, is best remembered for his role as Nicole Bristow in the former youth series Zoey 101, woke up this morning with the bitter news that he had been leaked intimate photos his, where he appears without clothes. Hackers will not forgive.

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A publication shared from Alexa Nikolas (@matchthesource) the

It is not known the use that has given Alexa Nikolas these photosif it happened to someone you trust, or if it was only for her, but nothing could prevent the fall into the wrong hands and are now in circulation on the internet.

Even if at times it seems that the protagonists of Zoey 101 disappeared from the map, Alexa Nikolas it was not one of them, as it has had a variety of roles in series like ‘The Walking Dead’ Supernatural’. It’s a shame that the hackers have caused this bad moment for her.


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