Elyfer Towers highlighted in “the Intimate Enemy 2”


The success of the young mexican Elyfer Torres, who we saw in “Nicky Jam: The Winner” (Julia) and in his leader “Betty in NY”, has joined the cast of the second season of “the Intimate Enemy”, which is transmitted from the past June 22, Telemundo.

“For my role of “Betty in NY” I have done five jets, it was the longest process that I have made after several tests, the final was a face-to-face, where we had three candidates to Betty, it was a little uncomfortable, we all wanted the role! The decision was in my favor and the truth has changed my life in a very positive way,” he explained Elyfer Towers of The Sun of Tijuana.

The theatrical way in which he has lived as a personal challenge to give life to “Betty”, the character that gave her the freedom, transforming it into something of their own, not caring how it looked or the negative comments of his appearance, bringing with him a professional growth incredible.

“I never imagined reaching so many places, when it came to the airports was already a fan, this would not have happened without having played ‘Betty’, I also carry in my soul, my friends in the production. I have the ability to do castings in the united States and Mexico for Latin america; I am super happy with this, and on the production of the Intimate Enemy 2”, commented Elyfer.

The actress plays the character of Alicia Garcia, a solitary woman who makes the bad decision to enter in “Dune”, and becomes the right hand and partner Roxana Rodiles (Fernanda Castillo), who fights to save the life of his mother. “This character, which is very different to what I have done, came to me because he recognized me on a flight from Miami to Mexico, a manufacturer, and has invited me to do the casting.”

The fiction has been registered in Mexico and in Spain, the new season started with a time jump of two years from the last chapter that Telemundo released in may of the year 2018.

“Alice,” grew up in the midst of the shortcomings and bad companies. He wanted to study or learn a trade. Is a smart woman and knows it. Being in prison is more difficult than he had imagined. All the exceed in rudeness. You feel alone and full of fear, but not show it to anybody. Of his past life, he misses his mother, whom he loves with all his soul.

“Between the ‘Roxana’ and ‘Alice’ becomes a relationship of mother and daughter, and the story develops as the empire of the drug works,” he said.

Two other activities of Elyfer are singing and dancing, however, the engine of his life is the performance, and he added: “What makes me feel alive is the effect, if they are not in a set or not I have projects, giving me a lot of anxiety.”

“When I was a child, I made a couple of music with Gerardo Quiroz, and I liked it very much, yes I would like to make music, and I know that there will be a point where you will be able to do, I also discovered that I like to write, and my boyfriend is a singer-songwriter. I interpreted the theme: “Here is my love” in the series ” Betty”.

During this quarantine, Elyfer done a podcast, “I Fly”, which has 15 chapters and talk about different topics, with invited guests such as: Érick Elijah, Jeimy Osorio, Joaquín Bondoni, Ricardo Peralta, among others, in which he speaks of how to turn dreams into reality, stressing always the attitude.