A day to do yoga from Instagram, and the next day you are antivacunas


To WHO, the vaccine is the only solution for a pandemic that continues to spread in the world, but there are movements that seek to stigmatize the medicine and until they invent theories conspiranoicas for people to be wary

The doctors and the World Health Organization(WHO), has said ad nauseum: the only definitive solution to stop the spread of Covid-19 is in the vaccine. Until we do that, the “new normal” will not leave the pitch to normal. The virus is still among us, and we must continue to wear a mask, keep your distance and social care of older people, and inmunodeprimidias. In the event that.

But, even if the vaccines are proven scientifically, the movements antivacunas have not been slow to make their voice heard and their messages paranóicos began to sink. The buffalo seems to be the stuff of science fiction: vaccines are a form of social control, the flu vaccine has been responsible for the spread of the virus in the bodies of older people, that if the 5G… but it is not always necessary to resort to messages rocambolescos. The antivacunas is also hidden behind the movement healthy that triumphs on Instagram, the yogi who refuse any chemical in the body used in traditional medicine, to do exercise on an empty stomach and also recommend douching in steam, like Gwyneth Paltrow.

As explained in an article in the New York Times, we must not confuse the well-being and health. The line is very thin. In this article, the newspaper speaks of model and entrepreneur, organic products, Miranda Kerr, who he started to recommend diets based on water of 14 days and over, in full pandemic, it is related to conspiranoicos of the vaccinesomething that is not only dangerous for you, but for the community, because the effectiveness of vaccines is based on herd immunity: if most of the population is not immune, in this case, the virus, you can’t stop the spread. Miranda is sold as an “enthusiast of immunomodulation,” and proposed in the full pandemic recipes that combine liposomal vitamin C (dietary supplement), acupuncture, broths, cold showers, etc, etc, etc, And not the only one.

“There is nothing like a pandemic to clarify the difference between health and well-being”, writes the critic Amanda Hess in the Times. “Our collective health is not, as many might agree, too good. But the logic of the marketing of well-being, this situation (coronavirus) can represent not only the loss of life, but an opportunity.” Amanda has that in a time in which the people turned to the internet to look for the good habits for the quarantinethe gurus of Instagram have gained even more force to their messages, calendars, among the people.

So the parrot. It is good to take care of yourself, do diets detox and having an awareness of your body, but time for your health, it becomes a public health problem, you should jugártela. And in case of doubt, check with your farmacéuticx or your médicx.