What he thought of Mick Jagger in “Moves like Jagger” from Maroon 5?


The younger generations are often exposed to the pop culture of the previous decades by means of foreign. For example, many children of the 1990s were introduced to the Queen through the use of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the World of Wayne. In the same way, some children and adolescents have been introduced to Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, through “Moves like Jagger” from Maroon 5.

The song is part of a larger trend of pop hits of the beginning of 2010, referred to Jagger in “Tik Tok” by Kesha and “The Time (Dirty Bit)”. from the Black Eyed Peas. Jagger is mentioned in the “Moves like Jagger” much more than those of other songs. This raises an interesting question: What did Jagger song by Maroon 5?

Mick Jagger | Joe Bangay / Express / .

The leader of the Rolling Stones, reacts to the “Moves like Jagger” from Maroon 5

“Moves like Jagger” was one of the greatest hits of Maroon 5, when it was launched for the first time. It remains one of the most famous songs of the band Maroon 5. It is interesting to note that, Adam Levine has told The Guardian that “ ‘ ” moves like Jagger “is one inch from each side to be a disaster.” Even if you feel well, the audience, clearly not, since Billboard reports that the song has reached the top position on the Billboard Hot 100.

The public clearly liked the song, but Jagger liked? He liked the fact that a group has written a song about him. According to the Show, has said to you “(Maroon 5) asked me to play with them … but I don’t think that will happen. But it is very flattering, isn’t it?

“Moves like Jagger” Maroon 5 feet. Christina Aguilera

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Jagger has said that the song he hugged it a little. According to Digital Spy, he said: “it Is very catchy … The only thing is that I tap when I go to the dance!!! I wish I had written. But it would not be strange? In reality it is not like a song from Maroon 5, so they are probably surprised by the success as I am. “

Mick Jagger, the video of the song, and if he was paid for the use of his name

Mick Jagger | Adger Cowans / .

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Jagger also helped the band Maroon 5 to create the video of the song, which includes some old pictures of Jagger interspersed with images of Levine and Christina Aguilera. Levine has told MTV News that he was happy with this development, said: “We were lucky to have the support of Mick (for video), in this regard, that gives us access to a lot of different images, which is great. Not many people have seen (it), in particular a new generation of people who don’t know much about how incredible that was. “

Because Jagger is mentioned prominently in the song, one could assume that Maroon 5 have had to pay for the rights to his name. After all, the names of some persons are registered trademarks. According to Retrieved, Jagger joked: “do Not earn a cent when someone does a song ” moves like Jagger”. Despite this, Jagger is probably good.

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