Pedro Sanchez and the famous in the networks


“Spain, you unisteis in solidarity with the movement Black Lives Matter in the US. We must continue to defeat the COVID and to avoid the disproportionate impact on marginalised communities, especially among people of color. Please, you can join us, president @sanchezcastejon?“.

This was the surprising message that Miley Cyrus posted on June 12 to Pedro Sanchez –and the other leaders of the world– and has found the much-discussed response of the political.

“Spain colidera initiatives such as the ACT of the Accelerator to reach equitable access to vaccines, treatments and diagnostics for the fight against the #COVID19. Our commitment is strong, Miley. The unit and the multilateral response is the only way not to leave anyone behind. #GlobalGoalUnite,” wrote Pedro Sanchez.

The likes, comments, shippeos and, of course, the meme you are not made to wait long before the curious exchange of messages which rose level with the entrance on the scene of a Hollywood star as it is Hugh Jackman. The australian actor has shown in his stories, to his 29 million followers, a video of Pedro Sanchez, as part of the campaign ‘Global Objective:” united for Our Future’.

    The story of the actor. (Instagram @thehughjackman)
The story of the actor. (Instagram @thehughjackman)

“The covid has reminded us of something very important, and it is how fragile we are, but you have to remember that hit the weakest”, says the socialist in the video, who has also published himself, in his account of Twitter.

This interaction between the two has also led to the fast and always funny reactions among the users of the network of the blue bird.

Before the elbow-to-elbow with these characters, and the networks of Pedro Sanchez they were most famous for their tweets old especially famous for the “pizza hell”– which, periodically, were recovered by the users, and also have been recently converted into a guide to explain the famous and complicated phases of climbing.