Natalia Jiménez: what’s the future of music is not for live streaming


Natalia Jiménez is blunt: “I hope that the Live concerts Streaming is not the future of the music. Imagine”, she says between the laughter. “For me, what I like is being with people. I have to be with them, so I put them with a barriera glass shower screen, inside of a car or covered in plastic, lol, I need people”.

Like many musicians, Natalia Jiménez the health emergency we live at a global level, has been forced to change the plans I had for this 2020. “As far as my music, everything that has happened has been regrettable. I spent all of my concerts on the rocks. Hahaha. Had a date Palenque Aguascalientes, presentations, fairs,… I have nothing. I had the disk Mexico of my heart 2that we were going to record in may, nor what I have. Hahaha. I was going to get a simple means of Operation Triumph…and could not take”, he shares with humor and irony that characterize it. “For me, the world tells me that he has written the songs… I don’t think, hahaha. I can’t. I don’t know if it is because they are stressed. I have been without my home, from January, so I live of suitcases, living things that are not mine.”

Natalia Jiménez receives the call in Miami, which ensures that it has had to be creative to survive in a reality that no one had the radar. “I did concerts through Live Streaming during this period of time, and I cagándome of laughter, and I alone at home, because, you know, are very funny, so the story of my life, and so, and I shit of laughter, because there is no one to respond to my jokes, hahaha, no one does, according to me, no one sings me songs no one listens to me. It is a nightmare for an artist”. We have already seen how in Europe, began with the feasts and concerts in the car after the Coronavirus, a model that is empezándose for the replication of this part of the world. “I scored”confesses the spaniard. “As long as there are people, all the good, because for me, sing for the screen has nothing of grace, hahaha”.

Natalia Jimenez says he doesn’t want the future of music were the concerts Live Streaming.

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In the same way, Natalia is convinced that the confinement has taken the best of us in every way, especially in being more creative with the way in which we do our work. “I saw the sound engineers, of my friends, who have done seminars in Instagram, because they are a chingones and because they can, as Miguel Tapia or Gustavo Zertuche. In some ways, this makes us a little more awake, to look for chestnuts, because sometimes we take it for granted that this is for life, and not realize that there are no concerts, no nothing.” Also, she is convinced that as well as in the cinema, the Fund has been created Sifonóforo, with Salma Hayek Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro González Iñárritu has tried to help workers in mexican cinema, so also in the music “needed to create a fund to support all the workers of the sector who remained without work during this period of time. In fact, there have been initiatives like this, as in Westwood, to help the technicians, the musicians and artists who are just starting out and have found that their promotional plans, concerts, the whole thing was cancelled. To see, that we are artists a little more established, then you can do a little here and there, lol, but when you’re starting out and you don’t have anything you see in an emergency situation, then they seem to me very well these initiatives.”

Recently, Natalia Jiménez merged music series To A Small Publicas part of the content of OnDIRECTVa platform where the various guests, perform a series of topics for a small audience and all the spectators who follow them from home. “I like this kind of experiences, because you have the audience very close, to see, to feel, in addition to pay more attention,” confesses the spaniard. Obviously, his plans for the coming months, it is also the launch of this material, which was left in the inkwell/recording studio: Mexico of my heart 2, in which “all are songs cortavenas. They will also be invited as guests, Yuri, Carlos Rivera, the Band of the MS… and we are seeking additional collaborations, such as Alicia Villarreal and Alejandro Fernández Jr, I can’t say more, hehehe”.

For several years The Fifth Stationthat band that gave us songs for the soundtrack of our lives, has disappeared from the music market, in the middle of a legal issue, from the name of the grouping. After a long period of time Natalia Jiménez ditch that there is no intention of returning. “Nothing. There is no meeting. I would be very expensive. Imagine. Hahahaha”.


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