Jorgelina Cardoso, the combative wife of Angel Di Maria


Jorgelina Cardosothe woman Angel Di Mariadoubts show the claws for social networks to defend the husband. To put it in popular language: Do not eat a when something is bothering him. And this Wednesday, after Unai Emery left the argentine and the defeat of PSG and Real Madrid, despite his good time, was no exception.

Your effort + your extra work + your goals + your attendance + your best time = your BANK. But those who understand nothing of football are women“he shot the bullet for the Spanish coach to Instagram after the first stage to the knockout stage of the Europa League. But the rosary has a long history of militancy and go to the front as what makes your husband within the field of play.

The criticism of the wife Of Mary in its official account of Instagram.

The criticism of the wife Of Mary in its official account of Instagram.

It can be traced defenses Noodle since we wanted to stay at Real Madrid and the leader meringues doubted despite the fact that it was important to get the Expensive League 2014. “I would like to know how to value. Always with you in good and in evil. And in the evil, very more…“wrote Cardoso.

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Another of their interventions in the Instagram hype was after, without previous removal of the PSG to Barcelona from the Champions of 2017 (goleado 6-1, after the 4-0 victory in Paris). Jorgelina she posted a picture on Instagram of a chapter of the Simpsons in which the seller of monorail scam in Springfield and load a couple of suitcases full of money. “As long as there are this kind of referees will earn the same team always… Without a doubt, the PSG does not move the same money that other teams”, has accompanied the controversial image, which is then deleted.

Jorgelina Cardoso is angry with the referee Barcelona 6 - PSG 1 and then deleted the image. (Capture)

Jorgelina Cardoso is angry with the referee Barcelona 6 – PSG 1 and then deleted the image. (Capture)

But his resume of collisions extends beyond the club level, and also are grabbed with the fans of the Argentina national team who criticized the team. After the 3-0 to Brazil for the playoffs, all the coach Edgardo Bauza complex, his participation in Russia’s 2018 and Cardoso made a hard defense of the campus: “Nobody is obliged to follow them or bancarlos! Do not watch Discovery!“.

“The bench in this bad phase he is going through THANK you! These forces are the ones that are up! Next! With the front up!!! At the end of the day it is only FOOTBALL! When the argentine to learn that not always win and that we are not always the best, only then will we be better people,” he continued. And at the end he said: “I am not an argentina clapping in victories. I LOVE YOU IN GOOD TIMES AND EVEN MORE SO IN THE BAD! Proud of you!”.

But Cardoso also “treated” to the critique of selected when finally obtained, the classification for the World. “Thanks for the many emotions!!!!! In the well we are all evil only those who know who they are and what they can give!!!! Russia, here we come!!!! Vamos Argentina carajo!!!”.

The hard story of Mia, their first daughter

Since it is only an anecdote, but Maria and Cardoso had a hard time as first-time parents with the birth of Mya fact that hardened and gave them the strength to cope with life. He was born premature by c-section at 29 weeks and I was told that I had very little chance to live. But the girl managed to recover after two months of hospitalization in the neonatology. Now you are going to meet five years old and has a sister (Pia) with whom to share the care of children.

My daughter taught me that everything can beto know what is the most difficult, at times, can turn into something easy, that most of the effort can be rewarded, taught me to know the suffering and to bear pain, to be stronger,” said Mary, in the Spanish newspaper Marca. “Forw hile her life was in danger, she fought to survive, not to have a sequel, to be strong. She was the one who gave me all this and thanks to you I had a year like I did,” he said after winning the title of European champion with Real.

Also Jorgelina wrote on Instagram when Mine turned a year, and had a lot of impact with the moving words. “No one more than dad and I know the pain it caused see covered cables and devices on your beautiful face. Nothing sadder than go home with empty hands, and breasts full of pain“are some of the phrases in the text. On it, the front of the Selection, said that they wanted to tell their story “to give strength to the many parents who have to go through the same thing“.


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