I was in a state of shock! So it was Danna Paola, with the end of the series, Netflix’s “Dark”


MEXICO-. There is no doubt that the woman of the moment is Danna Paolabecause of that his career continues to climb, with more projects in the port and its more than 20-year career that stand behind it.

With 25 years recently and he turned back to his 25 million followers on Instagram is the queen of this social network, which has accustomed his fans to share their day-to-day, your professional life and everyday life, and on this occasion he used his Twitter account to show what influenced this, with the end of the series, the “Dark” from Netflix.

This June 27, she debuted the third and final season of this series that has caused a stir for its time travel and inter-dimensional travel, from which the interpreter of “new AND just” did not hide his excitement to see the end and that there will be the day of the premiere, that in the universe of the series is also the day of the apocalypse, on June 27, 2020.

In another tweet, the actress took the opportunity to share a GIF that shows what impact that is the end of this thriller series, the German has brought with itself a lot of memes, theories, and comments on the topic.