Alejandra Delgadillo, a sensual Striped heart


Monterrey.- It is not mystery that Alejandra Delgadillo have an affection marked by Monterrey, given that she is responsible for leaving it clear that his team enters the field of play.

And it is through their social networks, which show a bold photographs to support your zero, just like the last World cup, the north team was left with the third place of the competition.

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Currently, Alejandra is working to Fox Sports and, even if he knows that football is not the only sport that dominates as american football is another of his favorites, as was the inside of anything that involves a Super Bowl.

Also, it is a exreina beauty, winning the Best body in Miss Mexico and the Best Bikini Model In Mexicosomething that his followers have understood the motif. But not only loves the sport but also the practice, as her spectacular figure is due to his performance in the gym.

It is present in all the matches of the Strips when you play locally, both in the present as a communicator or a hobbyist, live and suffer in every goal against, as in favour of it. In his past he has been on TV Azteca, and TDN, but it is always to be Scratched.

Em social network has over 200 thousand followers and if that wasn’t enough, Alexandra has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketingthat makes it the perfect partner, smart, delivered by the sport and always thinking about the future.


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