What you give to her daughter Kylie Jenner if she already has it all?


With only 14 months, Flocks Webster has a closet full of designer bags and designer clothes the most exclusive that would be the envy of many stars in the adult, and play with the Lamborghini pink custom designed.

The dilemma then faced by the friends of his popular parents, Kylie Jenner and the rapper Travis Scott, is what can or should buy to a girl that already has everything when he comes to their birthdays or other special occasions.

The singer Pia Mia, a friend of the star of the televisa and makeup guru, has found a solution to the party that was held the first year of life of the small-betting on a gift with sentimental value and at the same time very practical, in addition, it forces you to spend a large sum of money.

“I bought a small detail. I am always going to sleep with a star projector. Lights up the room, while I’m sleeping and so it seems that you’re under the stars, so I bought the same thing, because I thought that you want to fall asleep with a shooting star on the roof,” revealed the singer in a statement to the portal Entertainment Tonight.

Against what may seem, in view of all the luxuries that have surrounded even before learning to walk, Pia Mia has insisted on the fact that the daughter of his friend is not at all a child cuddled, and attributes the merit that is his delivered mother.

“Flocks is adorable. I have seen recently to celebrate his first birthday, when they have organized all of this carnival. It was incredible, and is the sweetest girl you can imagine,” he clarified.


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