The before and after of the little girl zombie from the first season


Photo: AMC

In the month of October, he meets a decade after the release of The Walking Dead and Addy Millerthe girl who played the little girl zombie that appears in the first scene of the series, has remembered the time to record your short, but indelible participation in the event.

Through your account Twitterthe 20-year-old has recently shared photos of the recording of “Days Gone Bye”, the pilot episode of a strip of AMC, and has written:

“Today, 10 years ago, I filmed the small role that has changed my life! I am most fortunate and grateful for everything that this program has brought me. I love the #TWDFamily and the community that builds around this show.”

If it is true that, prior to its passage through The Walking Dead Miller had already understood that in other series and movies, the reality is that his brief appearance as the little girl zombie from the teddy bear in the cited chapter are translated into proposals of work in other productions, such as Nashville, Supernatural and Tainted Loveand many , many others.

On the other hand, we must also remember that in 2017, Addy went back to the strip post-apocalyptic based on the comic book by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard to do a zombie that appears in a gas station, something that the fans have not gone unnoticed.

A decade of recording the scene that changed his life forever, as it seems today, Addy Miller.

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