Sofia Vergara shares ‘relics’ with bikini yellow networks


Before conquering Hollywood, Sofia Vergara he started his artistic career as a presenter and model in her country, Colombia, and then try their luck in Miami, and, finally, I get to Los Angeles.

And on Instagram, the actress has shown that she is proud of the past who have contributed to build what is today, one of the actresses better paid of the television on a global level.

With video, Vergara recalled the beginnings of her career in the program Out Of This Series Univision between 1995 and 1998.

In the clip, the beauty, the 47-year-old boasted of his talent in front of the camera into segments and recorded on a beach in El Salvador and a safari of Tampa, Miami.

At the beginning of the video, Sofia appearance appears with a bikini yellow two-piece highlighted her curves and her figure and toasted from the sun, while giving curious details of the beach and walked with style on the shore of the sea.

Other watch that showed it was a casual outfit of button-down shirt with black leather jacket and a white top to accentuate the neck with blue jeans and a straw hat.

The publication, with more than 1 680 million copies, was titled with a “#tb Outside of the Series with @fioreoficial the 90’s”.


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In a second publication, the star Modern Family boasted of its role as a model during the decade of the ‘ 80s, wearing a swimsuit in canary yellow, designed in a single piece and neck v.

The photograph was part of a session filmed in Colombia. The exhibition of Sophia posing with the glamour that characterizes it is made with red lips crimson, eyes shaded, black eyelashes and pink blush on the cheeks.

His hair in the spotlight with the go to cut hair with side wavy locks. The look that used was completed by a silver bracelet and a flashy ring.

Sofia Vergara it was discovered by a photographer at the age of 17 years on a beach in Colombia, from there, her beauty and talent led her to be the face of Pepsi in Latin America until the end of the decade of 1990.

After several jobs in the middle and try their luck in most places in Sofia won Hollywood with his starring in the comedy series Modern Familythat consists of 11 seasons.

After reaching its highest point, the celebrity has been reserved by a judge on the television program America’s Got Talent in its edition of 2020 in the company of model and entrepreneur, Heidi Klum, in addition to Simon Cowell and Terry Crews.


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