John Lennon and Paul McCartney? Ringo Starr was clearly his favorite


The songs The Beatles have been known as Lennon-McCartney) for the authorship. But all fans know that many of these songs were written by one or by another, separately, in fact, different styles can be seen in a way quite patent. The same Ringo Starr said in an interview Anthology (via FarOut Magazine), starting from the end of the 60s, 80% of the songs began to be composed of completely autonomous from both the singers and that, at the time of hearing of them could immediately determine to whom they belonged.

As A result of this, the drummer, admitted that he liked to play, and the songs composed by John, who was more rock than Paul. The drummer said:

“I’ve always preferred to play John Lennon. Always had a little more rock’ n ‘roll”.

If the same musician has admitted that the songs of Paul “Helter Skelter” was presented as a great challenge rocker (“I have a blister on your fingers,” she expressed, then burn), has always been a tip-off from the creations of the beatles.

It is worth remembering that the Beatles song favorite Ringo is “Rain“, composed by Lennon, has declared: “it Is one of the best works of John”.

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