Danna Paola, queen of the stickers


The same Danna Paola is having fun with the stickers, especially the ones that you are armed and have flooded every one of the phrases that the interpreter of “Bad reputation” made on the occasion of his participation as a judge of the academy. “My stickers I have a lot of fun, I use truth, I am the queen of stickers, and the truth, I’m not going to be stickers for all my peers to stay (laughs),” she says.

Chiquis Rivera celebrated this week 35 years of life, which she celebrated with her family with food and surrounded by gifts, but despite the fact that Lorenzo Mendez, her still husband, has not made act of presence at the meeting, the daughter of Jenni Rivera has proven to be very well emotionally, so much so that she shared a sexy photo in your account of Instagram, where it looks only a couple of pearl necklaces on her naked body.

The musician mexican Jose Maria Napoleon is preparing for a virtual concert, and wishes, as part of the show, there is a palomazo between him and the driver as Luis Garcia. So what is shared on social networks, along with a publication of Luis, in which he is seen singing (slightly out of tune) the theme of “the Bird”. Between the comments of some fans suggest that the commentator on the sport, try more for that out-of-tune, don’t go to irrigation.