Comedy Central announces a spin-off of Daria: what is it?


Image: MTV

Very good news for the lovers of Dariathe animated series on MTV focused on the ever-serious and ironic teenager, the native of Lawndale: the much-discussed and long-awaited spin-off called Jodie that is, the focus is on Jodie Landon, the companion of the secondary protagonist of the original, landed on Comedy Central (at least in the u.s.), after a year of being announced.

To the delight of fans Daria, MTV Studios officially that he was able to provide a home for the strip created and written by Grace Edwards (Insecure), which will be headed by Tracee Ellis Ross (Friends, Black-ish) as the lead voice and executive producer.

According to published by The Hollywood Reporter, Jodie revives the life of the young, in time, graduated from college and enters a complicated world, exploring the trials and tribulations of a first work to a new generation. The series satirizará the culture of the workplace, the struggles of Generation Z, the artifice of the social networks and, at the same time, present topics of empowerment along lines of gender and race, and explore the privileges and problems of professional and personal that face young african-american today.

“I am pleased to bring this project to life with MTV, both as executive producer, how to put the voice to the character of Jodie,” Ross said, and he added.

“To be able to participate in cool stories, feminist, and unexplored young women turns me on”.

Jodie separate from the cult-classic Dariaand with the bright, sweet and sarcastic magic of an african-american who is Jodie Landon, we will be present with a varied cast, composed mainly by female characters young, ambitious, intelligent, and there are no excuses that are vulnerable, flawed, interesting, and fun. As a great advantage, Jodie the first show is lively for adults in nearly 20 years to star a black woman. It will be a clever comedy and fun in the workplace, full of comments on everything from gentrification to sex, technology and others,” added the actress.

The number of episodes and the date for the premiere of the Jodie have not yet come to light, but once the agreement is signed with Comedy Central should not take so much time to share new information on the strip.

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