Celia Lora “dazzle” to show off their attributes | IMPARTIAL


THE CITY OF MEXICO.- Celia Lora not to miss the opportunity to speed up the hearts of thousands of its followers of Instagram, who delights in sensual photos.

The famous and controversial model shared in his personal account a photo where you use a detector set red lingerie with that he left the discovery of the half of her lush breasts.

In a short time the moment came to exceed more than 125 thousand “likes”.

Lora in addition to being known for his father, Alex Lora, the leader of the rock group “Tri”, also for his participation in the reality show “Lucky Ladies” and “Acapulco Shore”.

In addition, he has worked on several occasions for the adult magazine “Playboy”, and, in 2010, was involved in a scandal after running over a man while drunk driving and speeding.

On the other hand, the family Lore has been to support small businesses in the City of Mexico, by giving them free advertising in their social networks, recommending food, cleaning companies, and clothing boutiques.

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