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Beyoncé, who has received an award from the hands (even virtually) of Michelle Obama was one of the great protagonists of the 20th edition of the BET Awards, which this year have been marked from the beginning to the end by the claims of the movement Black Lives matter.

The BET Awards are the gala most important entertainment and african-american, then it was clear that this time they are going to do an echo of the numerous and powerful protests, anti-racist, which in recent weeks have visited the united States after his death by the hand of the Police George Floyd.

The ceremony also served as a test bench for the entertainment industry, in its search for alternatives to the crisis of the coronavirus. A gala evening virtual presented by Amanda Signals, without an audience and with the performance pre-recorded.

Beyoncé, whose protests across the united States

Even if the prize was already known before the gala, BET Awards booked their gap to honor Beyoncé with the last recognition of the night to give the distinction for the philanthropist of the year.

”I want to dedicate this award to all my brothers and sisters out there who have inspired me to protest and fight for change. Your voices are being heard. And are proving to be our ancestors, that their struggles were not in vain”he said.

”We have another thing that we need to break with our true power: the vote. I encourage you to continue to take the actions, to continue to change and dismantle a system that is racist and unequal.(…) There are people who stay at home during the local elections and the primaries, ( … ). We must vote as if our life depended on it, because it’s based on it”added.

Beyoncé, who on Saturday announced the premiere on the 31st of July the “visual album” with Disney’s “the Black is the King”, featuring a host of luxury: the former first lady, Michelle Obama.

Anti-racism at the BET Awards virtual

The BET Awards usually have a component of anti-racist protest very eloquent, but this year the demands of Black Lives Matter have permeated practically every second of the gala.

The first performance was a statement of intent: the Public Enemy turned with fury a updated version for the new times of their anthem “Fight the Power” of the hand and guests such as YG, Nas, or Questlove.

And also Alicia Keys recalled in his emotional performance, deaths from police brutality to african-americans as George Floyd or Breonna Taylor.

Usher, Jennifer Hudson and John Legend were the other important artists who have participated in an event that also paid homage to two legends of the african-american who died this year: the hero of the rock and roll of Little Richard, with a tribute by Wayne Brady; and the myth of the NBA’s Kobe Bryant, a segment signed by Lil Wayne.


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