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Life takes many turns, all the more so when, inevitably, you turn to meet a former rumorada pair, it is not Zac?

As you know, Zac Efron is filming the movie that will mark a before and an after in his career. This time the actor will not be the cuddly hunk or sexy rebel in the movie, but the serial killer is most commonly mentioned in pop culture: Ted Bundy.

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A few weeks ago we share with you the pictures of the former star of the Disney in the skin of a remarkable and fascinating criminal escaped twice from prison, and has confessed to have committed at least 30 murders before being executed in 1989. Extremely Wicked, Incredibly Wicked, and Vile it will be directed by Joe Berlinguer and co starring Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theoryand Lily Collins, with whom Efron has been linked to a couple of years ago… Remember?

In the film, Collins will give life to Elizabeth, the wife of Bundy, and, well, these are some of the most romantic moments that are shared during the filming.

This is the photo that he shared the actress.