The capricorn is a great entrepreneur and Michelle Obama is the champion


One of the great certainties within the zodiac is the Capricorn is one of the signs more stable. In fact, your personality is safe, peaceful, responsible, and hardworking makes them perfect to carry out new projects.

So perhaps it is not surprising that behind a great initiative to be involved with a Capricorn behind, since they differ from be very persistent to achieve a goal and would not be able to leave, according to The Stars.

Although it is almost certain that if there is a native from the 22nd December to the 21st of January to become pioneers in their sector are very demanding with themselves and with their environment.

Perhaps it is for this reason that the success Michelle Obama is not a surprise. The lawyer, writer, entrepreneur, mother of two little girls and the wife of Barack Obama, the former president of the united States, has become an authoritative voice on many topics.

Capricorn Michelle and Barack Obama. – Instagram

After meeting with your partner of the legal firm where he worked with his manager, he started along a path that led to his being the first african-american woman in the country. Your position has taken the opportunity to inspire thousands of women all over the world with their testimony, with the roles of author and speaker.

He has also participated in important projects such as to occupy the position of honor at the Partnership for a healthier America, to promote awareness-raising campaigns to eat more healthily, and programs to help improve the lives of veterans.

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Another great business of capricorn is also known for its great attitude towards life is the venezuelan Carolina Herrera, which has an emporium of fashion under their name.

Capricorn Carolina Herrera. – Instagram

Carolina has been dedicated to the creation of the international to 42 years of age and has become one of the world’s largest brands, is characterized by elegance, dressing up as characters such as queen Elizabeth II and Hillary Clinton.

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