Results of the ICW: Without exclusion of hits Vol. 2 Death Match Drive-In


By Miguel Uceda – PUBLISHED 28/06/2020 AT 10:47

The independent promoter ICW: No holds barred presented this Saturday, his first event since the beginning of the crisis of the COVID-19, the Death Match Drive-In, on a night where the fans, as if it were a drive-in cinema will be addressed, will see the show from inside their cars in an outdoor enclosure, to comply with all the sanitation sets.

The show, which aired live on the digital platform Independent Wrestling on TV from the city of Atlantic City (New Jersey), has presented five combat character ultraviolento, one of the signs of identity of the company, and the presence of Dominic Garrini, who will replace Chris Dickison, with which the ICW has broken relations last month by a disagreement of the contract.

One of the hallmarks of the company is that the quadrilateral does not have bumpers in the cornerthe the ropes are replaced by chains of iron and you can only win by three or KO. For this special in particular, fans have been able to provide all types of weapons and items that is placed around the ring in every fight. Below, we show the results and the salient points:

Nick Gage vs Casanova di san Valentino (with Riley Madison). For the moment, it is not known the outcome of the meeting, because the platform IWTV collapsed to the huge influx of spectators during the process of fighting, because, according to the ICW, from the record of flows at the same time.

Because of the collapse of the platform, fans were able to follow the fight between Tony Deppen and Dominic Garrini from their homes. The promoter and the streaming platform decided to suspend the event until technical problems, and the final version of the show, with the first two matches complete, will be published in in the next few days.

Reed Bentley defeated Akira. The young Akira put his name on the map after a performance acclaimed by fans and critics. One of the highlights of the meeting, Akira threw himself on his opponent from the roof of one of the buildings in the environment, something that was not enough, ironing facilities, Bentley, who took the win by three after a DVDR through a door.

Matt Tremont defeated Kirk Brandon in a meeting that had not been previously announced and that he scored one of the biggest ovations of the night for “The Bulldozer”. Search rapid and intense, culminated with a Headbutt followed by the DVDR through a pane of glass in the corner to win by three.

Alex Colon defeated Eric Ryan. For many, the fight of the night and one of the most extreme and stiffs of the year. Both fighters used fluorescent, trolleys, tables with forks or threads of hawthorn. Colon ended the duel after a Spanish Fly from one of the platforms of the ring on the door for the victory.

ICW: Without exclusion of blows and also confirmed that the legend of the wrestling ultraviolet Abdullah the Butcherwill be there on the 8th of August in ICW: No-holds-barred Deathmatch Circus. This event will be outdoors, and have the characteristic of the style ultraviolento of the company, GOGOS, dwarves (fighters dwarves), the clown, the phenomena and many other surprises.

John Wayne Murdoch defeated SLAG in the main event of the evening. The fighting has underlined the great variety of weapons used in the course and for his enormous brutality. Murdoch took the win by three after a brain buster on a chair of steel and glass.

The next event, ICW: Without exclusion of blows take place 4th of July from Atlantic City, and you can also see live through The fights announced for the show, are the following:

– Eddie Kingston vs Brett Ison
– Matthew Justice against Casanova Valentine
– Tim Donst vs Eddie Only
– Jeff King vs. John Wayne Murdoch

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Miguel Uceda

Miguel Uceda
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