Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Coldplay raze in the Global Objective: “united for our future | Music


The staging of Global objective: “united for our Future it can be defined as spectacular. The goal of solidarity was fundamental and important, but the Global Citizen, does not want to leave anything to chance and has organized a spectacular concert with some of the biggest stars of the music industry all over the world as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Shakira…

These were the great moments that you must see yes or yes, if you missed the live event

Miley Cyrus, a new Beatle

Even if it was Jennifer Hudson, who opened the direct solidarity with a memorable performance aboard a boat on the river in Chicago, Illinois, united States), the first appetizer was the second performance. In a few minutes we had crossed from one end to the north american country up to the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, california. There is an elegant and triumphant Miley Cyrus he has given us an intimate and rousing performance of “Help” by the Beatles.

The singer sent this message before to sing: “Dedicated to all those who are working tirelessly to test, treat people, or the search for a vaccine in order for us to be back together in stages as empty as this.” Probably 2 and a half minutes, the most electric of Miley live. A new Beatle.

Usher, just before Shakira

Shakira connected from Barcelona to make an appeal to action against the pandemic is not only in Europe but also in Latin america, Africa… in His performance, he remembered the extraordinary power of his voice and the power of the message that transmits the sun comes out. But the song immediately after Usherstill had not recovered from his shocking direct.

The first floor of the interpreter, starting to cry with every note and verse of Cry and a message to the anti-racist end tremendously effective that we will never forget. In our future there is no room for any type of virus.

Justin Bieber, the plan

We are not accustomed to this aspect of intimate Justin Bieber, an artist of the masses almost from the moment that he was in the belly of his mother. This is the reason why your interpretation of the Intentions alongside Quavo with the only company of a piano, and free of any other artifice is coming to put the emphasis on the message that the Global Objective: “united for our Future, he wanted to convey: only united we can stop this.

Coldplay, life and Heaven

The british Coldplay also joined the demonstration in solidarity with a mixture of performance and video clip, full of color, love of life and also of anger and pain, the social injustices, as demonstrated by devoting his Paradise, Elijah McClain, a citizen of african-americans, whose death in the custody of the police is still under investigation.