Met new details of the dispute between the mother and the sister of Jorge Ibáñez of the heritage of the designer


The conflict between the mother and the sister of Jorge Ibáñez the estate of the late fashion designer Credit: Instagram

It took six years from the death of

Jorge Ibáñez

and as he knew, a


between his mom and sister here for a good time, now deepened. It is a dispute between two women, the legacy of the famous designer, and it is not hereditary, but manages only his mother. The situation worsens to such a point that now the woman

it would denounce

for his daughter, for the violence, as revealed by journalist Pia Shaw on his program . In the last hours,

Pia Show

has revealed new details about the scandal in the program

The spectator

on CNN Radio.

As reported this week

In front of

the heritage includes twenty properties, the money in a safety deposit box and bank accounts.

Alessandra Bellini

the lawyer of the sister of the late fashion designer, said that April 8 was scheduled for a hearing, but was suspended for the




. “It’s a very tricky situation for you as a daughter. Two and a half years ago, that Alejandra has no contact with his mom. There are many people around Mabel, who are co-opting your privacy. Don’t let her talk on the phone with his daughter. She is a renowned cardiologist of 20 years ago in Colombia,” explained the lawyer.

The dispute over the inheritance of Jorge Ibañez between your mom and your sister
The dispute over the inheritance of Jorge Ibañez between your mom and your sister Credit: Image

Now, Shaw’s reference to the case and has revealed some new details. “The sister of Jorge Ibañez lives in Colombia.

Mabel Ibañez

and Jorge Ibáñez father had two sons”, has reconstructed, to begin with, in reference to Maria Alejandra Ibañez and Jorge Ibáñez child. “What he claims

Maria Alejandra Ibáñez

is that your mom would be run by people of an inner circle, that you avoid having contact with her. In the middle, tell me that your mother would have initiated a request to violence in the family, mother-daughter, in a situation that occurs in a local, almost a year ago,” he explained.

“I was invited to see the images from a security camera,” said Shaw, in a cycle that leads to the

Angel de Brito


Pilar Smith

. He said the journalist shows, in the video it seems to Mabel Ibañez sitting, scared. “You could tell that there was a previous situation,” he said. “I was the wizard of Mabel Ibañez. I saw the image of her daughter, increpando to his mother. The situation is one of violence, the pictures are in the justice and this avalaría question that Mabel Ibañez start your daughter.”

“There are pictures of Maria Alejandra Ibáñez to take the pictures for the cards. It is silver that remained of the father of Jorge Ibañez,” he added. According to the journalist, the pictures are of the June 10, 2019, the date of the rooms.