Bill Callahan will release a new album in September


Photo: Hanly Banks Callahan

After having had to wait five years to hear new material Bill Callahan (Shepherd in a Vest of Sheepskin last year is the successor of Have Fun with God 2014), reverts back to the disks with continuity is a good news: the american singer has just announced Goldhis new album, which will be launched on the 4th of September through the label Drag City.

Composed of 10 songs, which he recorded with guitarist Matt Kinsey and bassist Jamie Zurverza, includes a new version of “Let’s Move to the Country”, the song included in the album that the Smog was published in 1999: Knock Knock.

A list of songs also reveals that one of the tracks is titled in honor of Ry Cooder, the musician and producer from california Rolling Stone has included it in the post 8 to the inside of his list of the top 100 guitarists, the greatest of all time.

Still there is no progress feel, but you can see the cover and the list of topics Gold at the end of this note.

At the end of last year, Callahan has been in the news for the cover of a song by Yo La Tengo.

Bill Callahan – Gold:
01. Pigeons
02. Another Song
03. 35
04. The Protest Song
05. The Mackenzies
06. Let’s move to the Country
07. Breakfast
08. Cowboy
09. Ry Cooder
10. As I Wander

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