The Politician: a tender satire of progressivism


-If you write badly of me, you empujaré the subway tracks (laughter)

-Ah, I see you like House of Cards.

-A lot.

This is true and it happened when he published the culture, in the evening. The author of the “joke” was a deputy of the right, self-defined as progressive. And if I can continue to make noise, because the fascination of our political class with the series, I always found it disturbing and perhaps will help you understand the evil behind the confusion in the decisions of the government in the pandemic.

I have also clear that The Politician will not be mentioned by these gentlemen and ladies, not only because it is much brighter (even if their protagonists, it is interesting to note that all of the democrats, enjoy believing himself to be on the dark side), but because it works as a satire of high politics with his repertoire of cheating, low blows, conspiracy mumbo-jumbo, and with the mediation of the press, of course.

How else to take seriously a campaign of education average gringo with a distribution of marketing consultants and discourses closest to a caucus of the first world that an assembly pinguina?

Now, however, in his second season, Ryan Murphy bet for the clash generation, facing a Payton Hobart (Ben Platt), suddenly environmentalist with the already aging ethics counterculture `60s embodied by the senator of new york Dada Standish (Judith Light), and as a faithful? the wizard of Hadassah (Bette Midler).

In fact, there are already several screenshots with the step where a child says to his mother, who believed more in the experience of his generation in the excited climate of centennials: “Okay, boomer”.

It is also interesting the contrast between the power, the sex, the politics of the “old” Dada/Hadassah opposite to the liabilities of the “young” Astrid (Lucy Boyton) and Alice (Julia Schlaepfer) as pairs of Payton and the apparition of the ghost of his ex-rival of the protagonist, the River (David Corenswet), which compares the popularity of Bob Dylan, with a Kiss in the disquería, presumably to encourage him to continue.

Is that this is chapter seven, entitled “Electors”) is one of the best of the season to expose the gap between a “left” in the sense gringo of the term, fragmented after the triumph of Trump and a couple of college students who will only be encouraged to vote if there is a candidate that you practice these codes including the breeding of worms and take a shower with cold water (and then convert it to drinking water). All of this courtesy of the Infinite Jackson (Zoey Deutch), transformed into a best-selling novel, and activist for what Greta Thunberg.

The other chapter 3, “The culture of erasure”, where he discovers a photo of Payton in disguise to the indian Jeronimo… to five years of age, and must face the fury massive cultural appropriation and a fast class advisor, afro-american Skye Leighton (Rahne Jones) because of the bad taste of a black with braids.

The music of a western movie, the aesthetic of Wes Anderson, and the involvement of Gwyneth Paltrow as Georgina, the mother of Payton, generate the illusion of being in a universe in which Margot Tenenbaum finished to make a political career together with his son. But this illusion is diluted between trios (translated by Netflix as “trieja”), the social network, the places that are probably already closed by the pandemic, black humor and many plot twists to surprise.

The series is not very well considered, with the advice of the journalistic McAfee (Laura Dreyfuss), actress grown up to be accepted in the girl social networking in the “real world”, that they prefer to remain in the whatsapp application from their colleagues who maintain a sexual relationship with a media-type of Evopoli (needless to say) that you’ve encountered a Bait, but we’re not going to follow spoileando.

In the end, this is a satire, but of progressivism, such as the Broad Front, the new democrats.

Those who feel that it is always the fault of others and the right to know and exploit in your favor.

It is a satire of the race, half vegan, the lack of blood, gluten-free, low-fat, but nice and sweet to give us to understand, with a pill rizze that is all lost.

*By the way, I think that you have not done anything to that vice to push in the subway, part of The doubts that I have used since it was made famous by appearing on TV in the nineties.



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