The phenomenon of hair brush each time you win, the more fans and celebrities


Is there a way to prevent the fall of the hair, untangle the hair without pulling and leaving it silky (with a desire to touch it all the time). This is a special brush: some celebrities proven to never let him go, and every time you win, the more skilled all around the world. Also, you can get in Argentina.
Hair Jennifer Lopez stood out in the Super Bowl.

Moments before Jennifer Lopez came to sing in the SuperBowl, Chris Appleton, her hair, combed her hair, its curls. The image is viralizó and hides the secret spectacular hair worn by JLo that night: a hair brush special.

The video where you can see the brush that you used JLo

Loved by celebrities all over the world

Cara Delevigne with the brush. Photo: IG.

In addition Jennifer Lopez, what is love Salma Hayek, Victoria Beckham, Elle Fanning, Keira Knightley, Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevigne. This brush called The Original, the brand Tangle Teezer (its original name), who, like every good invention has many copies, has already sold more than 50 million units around the world.

Victoria Beckham is another fan of the brush. Photo: IG.

“I like the Tangle Teezer, I use it for combing my hair in the shower,” he said Elle Fanningthat is also a recognized user of this brush, in an interview published in Allure magazine.

“Tangle Teezer it is the only thing that works to detangle my knots” he said to InStyle, the actress Keira Knightley.

“My god, my god, this brush has changed my life. My daughter loves it, and also it works on my hair with the curlers. I don’t know who invented it, but thank you,” said Salma Hayek.

The brush that revolutionizes the cutting of hair

The brush that was created by the british Shaun Pulfrey and has become a phenomenon of super sales, detangles hair without effort and without jerking. It is designed to remove mats and tangles efficiently, both in dry hair and in wet conditions. It does so through the a system of two peaks of lengths, such as a claim by the companyhelp to prevent breakage by up to five times more than a normal toothbrush.

You can untangle all hair types without pain or damage.

In Argentina, Lourdes Sanchez made several stories using the brush. Photo: IG

“Our teeth feature patented bending technology of a regular two-level. The spines are long and flexible desenredan without breakingwhile the short, smooth and leaves hair shiny and without frizz” they explain on the company’s web site to this invention, which smoothes the cuticle, not open to the suggestions or part and is suitable for any hair type.

The idea is that the teeth of the brush sand bent to pass through the hair and then return to their original position. In this way, they are bent without pulling the hair follicles. Another of its advantages, it can be used both on wet and dry hair.

Salma Hayek is also used: “this brush has changed my life,” he said. Photo: IG.

On the other hand, prevents hair fall and frizz. In addition, the compact size and its ergonomic shape that allows it to adapt perfectly to the shape of the hand. And as it has no handle, its preservation is very comfortable.

The story behind the brush

Pulfrey worked in the world of hair stylists for Vidal Sassoon technical color educator, and during his career as a hair stylist he realized that the difficulty on the part of many women and specialists, brushed and how it might affect the structure of the hair.

The factors that influence the tout. Photo: IG

In the first place, developed a unique way of disentangling through a not conventional way: hit the hair with a brush and a comb to loosen the knots. And after months of research, in 2007, has started the sale of the famous Tangle Teezer, which is echoed by the curious technique of brushing. Its success has contributed to a chain of Boots has begun to sell in their stores.

The hair JLo spectacular in the Super Bowl. Photo: IG.

The invention has won several awards and that the brand offers different models. Used Chris Appleton, the hair of JLo before the end of the Super Bowl in February of this year, has been the model for The Ultimate.

The brush in the locker room of JLo. Photo: IG.

Since its first launch, The Original, the brand expanded its line: to reveal is Detangling and includes the classical models are Original, Beautiful & Fragile, Thick or Curly; The Wet, on wet hair; the edition travel Compact Styler and the child Mini. And also has a line of professional use.

Sold in Argentina

The brush that has become a bargain sale. Photo: IG.

The good news is that this brush is sold in Argentina (you can get it in Pefumerías Rouge, Beauty24, Pr, Luxury, Beautiful and Come to Me) for a cost of around 1000 pesos. But you can also get copies (as every invention is good for both your) at a much lower price.

The electric version of the brush. Photos: brand.

In addition, there is the electric version, Beurer, with the same ergonomic shape promises of hairstyle smooth and without a hitch. The difference is that it has the function of ion pluggable (battery-powered).