The exuberant Jane Valencia takes advantage of the contingency to improve


The specialist in the fight Jane Valencia Escoto was the last that he won the ticket for the Olympic Games, and the imaginary line during the occurrence of the Covid-19, a situation that has hit the world of sport and all the plans that had been changed. For the same three months of the pandemic, the athlete tries to support their friends, to overcome mood problems and be removed from the head, what will happen after this step.

“I tried to motivation, words of encouragement, or a phrase that motivates me every day,” said the athlete from the state of jalisco in your life to share the role of the athlete, the mother, and his medical career. For his followers, we read “letter to myself”, a text that is part of your life, when you feel bad and that is able to motivate other people to get out of depression, if that was the case. Jane is also a writer.

“If you are ever in doubt what you can achieve, please remember the most difficult moment and it will be enough that you feel with the whole world”, has put forward the Valencia Escoto with the knowledge that this will pass after having travelled a long way to feel more calm and more willing.

You do not have a goal, but rather many that fall at times, “my objective this year is to focus more on the fight to eliminate the errors in the moment of combat,” said the first mexican who will participate in the Olympic Games of the struggles associated with it.

“When you are determined and know what you want, regardless of the fact that to manage things, for me it has not been easy, but none has been so complicated to tell me to do two things at the same time,” said the fighter, who belongs to the category of 57 kg

She is not a person, ideal, or idealizes, but know that you can encourage in some areas of his life, however, inspired by the judoka of argentina Paola Pareto -the eternal rival of Edna Carrillo, who managed to become olympic champion, and meets the residency in the specialty of traumatology, who is following in his footsteps: “I want to be an expert, and olympic champion,” said the athlete who is going to be 30 years.

Half of his life was devoted to fighting that has seen them compete for the judoka Vanessa Zambotti in the pan american Games in Rio in 2007, was a student of the CNAR, the mother of three years ago, married the wrestler puerto rican Jaime Espinal.

Medicine, studied because it was not doing anything else, because he likes to know how the human body works, make changes on the metabolism: “You complete much, besides the fact that my father is a veterinarian and my grandfather, his father was a doctor, I never knew my grandfather, but from there I entered the desire to study medicine.”

The fight for women made its olympic debut at Athens 2004, it has been 16 years since then, the road has been long for her, but the experience and the determination to win the pre-olympic of Canada for the world champion is in the house, Linda Morais, 8-2.

“What makes a good athlete is the sum of the decisions you make every day, whether it be good or evil, and the thinking, the mentality of always seeing the positive, seeing the opportunity for improvement, to grow in every situation that happens,” he stressed.