The cuarententa sexy famous bikini small to remind you to stay home


The celebrity seemed to be planning their the joints of Holy Weekif we take into account their social networks when the quarantine because of the crisis of the coronavirus, pounced on the world. Many were the days until their profile of Instagram images that were in a bathing suit, and then we realized one thing: bikini celebritiesas we have already seen that occurs when they are the ones that are, are really very small.

Even if these moments of closure some difficulty seeing the pictures of the famous and also friends, enjoying the outside, what is certain is that we wanted to keep these snapshots to encourage us during the birth and remember that, soon, there will be a good time, and, finally, you can go back to the streets. That is why today I wanted to talk about those celebrities that have made the fashion of the bathroom and his uniform quarantine.

Lucía Rivera wears a bikini top Women Secret

Lucia Rivera wears a bikini from Women’s Secret

Lucia Rivera takes days to upload the photo where posing in a bikini and enchanting bathroom design Womens Secret. The model had traveled to Mexico with his mother for work, and before returning to Spain, equipped with their masks and gloves, have not wanted to let pass the opportunity to fill their social network of images that make us almost drop some tears.

Kendall Jenner wears a microsc'high bikini

Kendall Jenner, wearing a microscopic bikini

Kendall Jenner wearing a mini bikini Sommer Swim while taking the sun in the Bahamas. The model in question has been exhausted after wearing the top model, but the brand promises that soon will be available. When we finished the quarantine, we will do us with him again.

Alessandra Ambrosio is living in the quarantine for the your way

Alessandra Ambrosio is living in the quarantine for the your way

Alessandra Ambrosio it seems determined to remind us time and time again for what has always been worthy of the wings of victoria’s Secret, and their networks, who recommended us to stay at home, as it arises with a bikini GIRL Floripa. What we know: in beat we would have desired more to the idea of stay at home, but…

Jasmine Sanders poses in a bikini

Jasmine Sanders poses in a bikini

Jasmine Sanders, known as Golden Barbie, reminds us that we have not finished our snack in the early days of the quarantine. As such silhouette is the result of an excess of snacks, we are going to take legal action against our metabolism.

These images help us to do two things. In the first place, for watch what you eat these daysbecause the fridge becomes an ally dangerous during the quarantine. In the second place, to train at home, and we have already seen that thanks to Instagram, there are many accounts, that these days will help us to do physical exercise during the quarantine as if we were in a fantasy gym. We are going to add an extra lesson: we need to planning early for a holidaybecause watching celebrities pose on the beach, we got very excited to give us a bath. For the moment, will have to be content with a bath…


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