The bad play of Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky Miley Cyrus What Is the purpose?


Even if it is difficult to assimilate, as it is exactly a year from the separation of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus. And there is still fabric to cut. Or do you not? Is that this Friday, the 26th of June, the tabloid press has confirmed a story that would come to close the chapter between the actor and the singer. But this time is not involved; at least not in an indirect way. Were Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky those that sparked controversy, in the event of a divorce.

It was the end of last year that the protagonist of Games of Thrones formalized the relationship with the model Gabriella Brooks. After a lot of speculation, both actors passed to the page and now they are very much in love. To the point that were captured during a family lunch, as were the parents, the brother and the sister-in-law of Liam. Immediately the paparrazi made it his own, and was portrayed in a luxury restaurant.

It is worth noting that the entire family resides in Byron Bay, the same place, you turned to Liam to take refuge when one is permanently separated from the interpreter of “Slip Away”. They all had lunch in Rae”s Cape; an exclusive restaurant that has a view of the beach and a wellness centre. Also, it is one of the favorite of the celebrities because they offer a mediterranean menu. For these features, so exquisite, Chris go often to distracted with her partner, Spanish Elsa Pataky.

Chris Hemsworth would already be in front of Miley Cyrus

In December of last year, an informant told the tabloid that she was with Liam Gabiella, a model of 24 years old, also from australia: “Your family approves and loves them very much, which is very important for him (…) he feels more at home with her than with Miley, and feels he can be himself, without any kind of drama,” said the informant who has remained anonymous.

Finally, it is worth remembering that both Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky addressed openly the diva of 27 years from when we met the break-up with Liam. Before this, the sister-in-law, and the model of 45 years, said: “My brother-in-law, well… After a report to which I have devoted ten years, as is rubbing. But it carries well, is a strong guy and deserves the best, I think he deserves so much more. The family is where it is always resguardas. Also, his brother, is the nail and flesh, and there was to give to all the strength that I need”.


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