Sin tanguita of Jailyne Ojeda that left to see all of the


Brittanya Razavi shared the fiery image of the mexican in order to make more advertising

Jailyne Ojeda it is without a doubt one of the models, which in recent months has established itself as one of the favorites of the users of the social network, to make every one of their movements and their sensual attributes generated great expectations among his millions of fans.

On this occasion, it was the mexican who was in charge of the increase in the temperature of the post a hot photo of his anatomy, was also a model Brittanya Razavi that he shared in his profile of Instagram with a snapshot of Jailyne where can you see him posing with a tiny black thong that had their important back.

“I love this Latin @jailyneojeda 😻”, faith the text, who wrote the voluptuous brunette in the publication that has done a couple of hours ago and was immediately celebrated by his followers.

It should be noted, that as Ojeda, Razavi is another of the famous mad famous social network with its spectacular body and sensational curves.


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