Mhoni Seer who predicts the apparition of the Virgin, the beginning of the Apocalypse, and a magnitude 9 earthquake


The cuban has revealed that her visions show that the president, Donald Trump will face serious problems with the president of Russia and China


  • 11 April: It will be the day of the virgin Mary, the day is going to manifest in the world.
  • 21 April: It will be a day of very strong dark energies, and there will be great calamities impending war. I see that this day will be to collect all the negative energy to enslave the human being.
  • Attacks: I see an attack in the Vatican -the demon you want to be taken prisoner, the pope, and in Israel. Also in Colombia and Venezuela.
  • The tragedies in the middle of the show and of the policy: A singer very famous, 75 or 76 years, is in the sign of cancer or leo… is in English, or London, his death will be shocking.
  • Gloria Trevi: You will have problems with her husband, and now I see that the separation or divorce.
  • Queen Elizabeth: It is declared sick and leaves the throne to his son Charles, Kate and William have big problems and the unborn child Meghan Treatments is not the prince Harry.
  • President Trump: Will continue to expand its power, but will not have problems with the presidents of Russia and China.
  • To die a president of Europe, a representative very wanted to die.
  • Earthquake category almost 9.1 shall shake the entire continent of asia.

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