Mackenzie Dern explains how the training error played a role in the loss of MMA


Image via @mackenziedern on Instagram (the photographer does not figure in the list)

This Saturday, UFC on ESPN 9, Mackenzie Dern is the face Hannah Cifers in an attempt to recover from their first loss in professional MMA: a defeat by decision at the end of 2019, for the hand of Amanda Ribas.

Before this fight with Cifers, Dern remembered his loss Ribas, recognizing that you made a mistake in his preparation for the fight.

She says she did not train with sufficient intensity, so that, when the skin has started to fly, I was not prepared for.

“I seemed to receive a shot in the face,” said Dern for MMA. “Of course, I have fought the fight (Ribas), but I haven’t done much with small gloves, with teammates that actually try to hurt you. I did the best with the gloves of a large size, so that when I started to fight with Amanda, and we started to return, I thought, ‘Wow’, and (I) has taken a step back, and (I) fear of being thrown out or something.

“It was difficult to close the distance and really work a low blow, or close the distance exchange of blows, because he was taller than me and had more reach”.

In the future, Dern he’s going to focus on combat to make sure that you are well prepared for the phases of the surprising of his struggles.

“What I wanted was to train a lot before my next fight, get used to getting punched,” said Dern. “I feel that is the most difficult part, in this field, because I’m not trained with a lot of people”. But we did what we could. I have some training partners, my coach in muay thai, and my father is also here. ”

“I’m very focused on getting back on track and win,” added Dern. “This is not a madness. I don’t think that my career has been so crazy, but they all do. They said I was crazy to return so soon after the pregnancy, that he was fighting every three months, I was doing MMA and jiu-jitsu, at the same time. I guess I still am part of the crazy group of combat during a pandemic, right? (laughs)”

How do you think that Mackenzie Dern will recover from his first loss in professional MMA?