There is growing evidence that the resentment of Jill Dugger could not be against Jim Bob


The family Dugger has lived their life in the public eye for more than a
decade, but that does not mean that I am an open book. Far from it, actually. Family
the followers have spent countless hours of theory on the dynamics of the family,
and many fans suspect that Jim Bob Dugger has been the source of most of the
the recent conflict in the family. If the behavior of Jill Dugger on Instagram is any
the indication, that may not be the case. It seems that Jill might be
holds a grudge to his mother, Michelle Dugger, and not to his father.

Derick Dillard has been open about his dislike for Jim
Bob Dugger

Derick has been open about his feelings towards the Dugger
family. In fact, Derick is the first father-in-law of Dugger, who becomes a thief that speaks
negatively on Jim Bob and the family program, Counting On. While he is
open about their feelings about Jim Bob and TLC, has been avoided, mainly
talking about Michelle.

Jill Dugger | D Dipasupil / . for Extra

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Derick has spoken openly about how they were not paid for their
the counting time. In addition, it has been revealed that Jim Bob does not allow you to
or your family in the house of Dugger in Springdale, Arkansas. Derick has also
suggested Jill
kept away from his brothers for fear of the influence that would have on

In all her interviews and reflections online, Derick has not
he said a single word, positive or negative, on Michelle. While fans
mostly I have ignored the fact, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Jill seems to
treat their parents in a different way, at least when it comes to recognizing
them on social networks.

Jill Dugger yes including his father in the publication of Day of the Father

If Derick could still have a problem with Jim Bob, Jill seemed to have a mood more forgiving on the 21st of June. The mother-of-two took to Instagram to wish her husband, his father and his father-in-law died a happy father. Day. Of course, Jill did not become the poetry of Jim Bob, but the recognition on the part of Jill seemed to be interesting for the followers of the family Dugger.

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Jill took to Instagram to share the photo of your spouse, your
the father and the father-in-law. The legend refers mainly to Derick, and as he
he is a good father to his two sons, Israel
and Sam, but he offered a greeting to his father. At the end of the post,
he said: “Happy father’s day to all parents, but especially
my husband, my father and my father-in-law (who I never had the privilege of
meeting). Very grateful for the 3 and blessed by them in so many ways! ”

Jill was one of the few
Duggars recognize Jim Bob the big day. Jessa Dugger, who apparently has emerged
The brand manager of the family Dugger does not recognize his father on Sunday. That
probably it was not an affront, however. Just recognized the father of three children.

Jill Dugger completely disregarded his mother for mother’s day,

The publication of Instagram, the father of the day Jill hit to the whole family
followers as well as strangers. It seems doubly strange when you consider the fact that Jill
ignored completely to his mother for mother’s day, in the month of may. The day of the mother, Jill offered
general statement in your history of Instagram, wishing all mothers a happy
The celebration of mother’s day. Not made any real publication over the holidays, and Michelle was
Never mentioned by name. His brothers, however, statements were made by a sincere, Michelle.

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The fact that Jill has decided to recognize Jim Bob and Michelle not has led some critics to reconsider the origin of the drama of the family. It is possible that Michelle was the main cause of problems between the Dillards and the Duggars all this time? While that seems a bit far-fetched, it seems likely that Jill was making a statement by ignoring the Day of the Mother to recognize Jim Bob is the Father’s Day.