How can you prevent acne of your face cloths?


If you have noticed that by the use of face cloths you’ve had more pimples in the face, then the following information may be of interest

The use of masks is of critical importance in these times of pandemic, according to WHO, this can seriously help to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and does not allow the virus to spread.

However, prolonged use of the mask is also the cause of serious reactions of the skin, including the acne on the mouth area and chin.

Here are some tips to avoid that your skin will be damaged or continue to leave the pimples on the face.

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1. If you use face cloths made of cloth, it is best to wash after use, so as not to accumulate dust and dirt.

2. Use a mask with a different material, as you realize that it does not cause irritation.

3. Moisturize the skin day and night.

4. Use products that do not irritate it.

5. For the women who use anti-aging cosmetics it is advisable to reduce to a minimum the use of acids such as glycolic acid or retinol, as these make the skin more sensitive and irritated more easily.

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Some other tips after removing the mask.

1. Wash the face

2. Use a detergent with a balanced pH that can eliminate residues of grease, dirt and bacteria.

3. It moisturizes your skin.

4. Some moisturizer can provide a quick relief after the use of the mask.

5. The areas of greatest impact, such as the nose and cheeks, can be relieved with a gel of arnica.

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According to the dermatologist, Ana Valenciathis type of injury is very common and you must contemplate a proper diagnosis before taking any action, because there are various types of dermatitis, skin and beauty treatments. Not everything that is because of the mask.

“What is more indispensable in these moments is to keep them protected, but if you need to use the face cloths or masks for a long period of time, contemplate taking care of your skin by using a mild soap and moisturizing, hypoallergenic, or neutral (unscented, no fragrance, no colour),” he told the dermatologist for Vogue.

If the skin reaction does not disappear, then it is best to consult a dermatologist to recommend the best skin care routine or any medical treatment. Also read: Some rules that can help you be a millionaire


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