HBO presented a documentary on “child of the stars” – Spoiler Time


Who says that to be an actor since he was little it is an easy task?

A new documentary hitting the screen HBO right Children’s Showthat there will be various interviews and testimonies of actors in the force, who started his career from a young age, and even those that were once part of the world of the show, and are now retired.

The director of this project is to Alex Winterknown for his role as Bill S. Preston in the franchise Bill & Ted, who began his career at the 13 years in shows off-Broadway. He has put together Evan Rachel Wood, Milla Jovovich, Henry Thomas (ET), Jada Pinkett Smith and also Cameron Boycethat has one of his last appearances before his fateful death.

Unlike other documentaries, this is not only to denounce the abuse and exploitation to the young actors also, try to give a window on the piece, the hope is that most of the times lies with the parents, who were with their children all of the time.

Children’s Show the launch of the next 14 of The month of July.