Danna Paola lanza song dedicated to the LGBT community


Danna Paola joined the celebration at the The international day of the Gay Pride and to do this he decided to launch a new simple dedicated to the LGBT community+.

“New AND NOW” is the title of the new song where the singer appears posing with the colors of the flag of the gay and in the lyrics, it sends a message of inclusion.

Do not be afraid to sing the diversity. We still live in a world where people are afraid to say what you feel, and if I can help with my music, I do it with so much love,” he said in a live before the premiere of the video.

According to the singer, her new album, which still has no name defined, includes two songs addressed to the community: “Sodium” and “TQ AND that’s it”.

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“I am preparing and which I composed many songs during this quarantine, and that makes you really happy to be able to share that will have the new album. I’m considering a few names, and more on the sentimental situation of last year, which is very intense,” he said.

The text of the song, Danna highlighted the the phrase “love is love, and that no goal”. Certain that this is the message you want to send to all their followers, even if they are not LGBT.

“It is a phrase very powerful of my song and it’s not that I’m going with that flag, because it does not matter to me what people are saying about meas you should, no matter what they say or others will think about your sexuality or who you fall in love”.

Minutes before the premiere of the music video, 60 thousand people were already waiting and in the first 15 minutes has reached more than 100 thousand visits and seven thousand of the comments.

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“Anyone tell you that you need to do to savour the love of the head. Happy pride month, take care of themselves very much and thanks for making me part of it and that no one prevents you to show your feelings, because you’re a star”.

“We try to be more tolerant, we seek to promote love, diversity and the respect of this month, and not only today, but always,” he concluded.



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