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Another heir for Inditex. Marta Ortega, the youngest daughter of Armancio Ortega, the founder of the textile group Inditex, was a mother during the pandemic. On the 21st day of march came to the world of Matilda, who was born in a clinic In a Coruña, a couple of days in advance. The girl is the first child of his marriage with the entrepreneur Carlos Turret and the second Ortega, 36, who already has a child, called Armancio, the previous link with the rider Sergio Alvarez. The small raises to five the number of grandchildren of Armancio Ortega, the creator of such brands as Zara, Stradivarius, Berhska and Oysho, considered to be the sixth richest man in the world by the magazine Forbes and who has an estimated fortune of almost 53,000 million euros. Ortega and the Turret were married in an intimate ceremony held at her home in la Coruña, in the middle of November 2018.

Richard Gere and Alexandra Silva, the second son in the town, and the third for both. Two years after the wedding and just after welcoming their first child together, the american actor Richard Gere and entrepreneur Spanish Alejandra Silva welcomed their second child, a boy, in mid-April. It is not known when he arrived the child in the world, nor your name. In recent years, privacy is the house brand for the wedding of Gere-Silva. The couple announced this second pregnancy in early November and also through the publication itself. Even with this medium, and there are no photos or details, as on this occasion, he announced in the month of February 2019, the arrival in the world of his eldest son, Alexander.

Boris Johnson, the father convalenciente of the virus. The british prime minister, Boris Johnson, 55 years old, and his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds, 32 years, announced on the 29th April, the birth of their first child in a London hospital. Johnson and Symonds announced the pregnancy last February. Even if there was never an official date, the calculations of the means anticipated the birth for the beginning of June, so all of this indicates that the delivery has been brought forward. This is the sixth child of Johnson, who has recently completed the formalities of divorce from his wife, Marina Wheeler, and announced his intention of marriage with your new partner. Both reside in Downing Street, even if Symonds has decided to move to his apartment in london, where he remained in isolation, in which he developed the symptoms of covid-19. It was during that time when the worsening of the health status of Johnson, and was admitted to the intensive care unit.

Anabel Alonso, the mother at the age of 55 years. The actress Anabel Alonso became a mother for the first time. As announced on 1 June, but, as she herself has explained, Eeyore, is called the little, who came into the world last may 24. At the age of 55, the interpreter, bending and humorist, she received her first son, developed by her partner, the playwright argentina Heidi Steinhardt, 42. It was the end of February, when it was known that Alonso was awaiting the birth of their first child. The Steinhardt uploaded a photo to your profile on Instagram in which, in a state of pregnancy, explained: “we are waiting for You with immense happiness”, and included labels such as “three”, “family” or “happiness”.

Malú, Rivera, and little Lucy. The singer, 38-years-old, and the former leader of the Nationals, 40, are parents to 6 of Lucia. For Rivera it is his second daughter, Malú, the first. On December 4, 2019, when the couple took about a year and after months of speculation, announced, via Instagram, that they were expecting their first child together. “Now yes… I am excited to be able to share with you this wonderful gift which has made us life: we’re Going to be a dad! We would like to live the pregnancy with the added peace of mind to be able to enjoy it as it deserves. Once more, love wins, has written to each of you in your profile, next to the picture of a pacifier.

Natalia Sanchez and Marc Clotet. Have been parents for the second time on may 19, a boy, the second of his sons, who received the name of Neo. The couple has already had at the house of Lia, who has served a year in the past the month of January, The grandfather of Neo is the doctor Clotet, one of the researchers most actively engaged in the fight against the pandemic and is working in the research of a vaccine.

Inés Arrimadas is released in motherhood. The president of the Citizens, 38 years old, gave birth on the 21st of may, her first child, a son who received the name of Alex. A child from madrid, spain, father, andalusian and Catalan, the origins of Arrimadas and her husband, Xavier Top. “Today he came to the world Alex. What a victory we had to see your face. Everything went very well and we are in a perfect state. Now enjoy a few weeks of maternity leave to be able to devote full attention to our child,” wrote the policy in his Instagram next to a photo of the hand of the child and the parents.

René Ramos and Lorena Gómez. Sergio Ramos has become uncle last may 2, when his sister-in-law, the singer and extriunfita Lorena Gomez has given birth to her first child in common with the brother of the footballer. The couple took the little René, like his dad.

Sergio Llul extends the family. The base of Real Madrid and his wife, the lawyer Almudena Cánovas received his second son, on the 5th of June, Gabriela, a year and a half after welcoming Olivia. The basketball player shared a moment of happiness in their social network, where he has posted a tender image of the hand of the small and clutching a finger of his father.

Edu Soto presents Imel. The actor and comedian Edu Soto and his partner, the violinist Cristina Pascual, became parents last June 10. The artist was commissioned to announce the birth of their son Imel with a photo and a touching message: “Yesterday we took the hand Imel Soto Pascual. We are already 3 for always. It is time to pet the most precious I’ve ever experienced. Our first child, a son fills us with happiness”.

Almudena Navalón and Manuel Carrasco were fought with the hair. Three days before the Government decreed the state of alarm by the pandemic coronavirus, Manuel Carrasco and Almudena Navalón have become parents for the second time. The journalist and her child were forced to leave the hospital before the time from the onset of outbreaks of infection, to Madrid and to take refuge at home to prevent the spread of the virus.