Suri Cruise is allegedly being neglected by Katie Holmes, after the adoption of a child


    Suri Cruise is allegedly being neglected by Katie Holmes, after the adoption of a child

Suri Cruise has been reported to have a new brother after her mother Katie Holmes, has adopted a child. It was said that the “Dawson’s Creek” star was seen with a boy from New York city, and this is his new son.

A secret of adoption in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic

On the basis of the report that appeared this week in Australia on the Day of the Woman, Katie Holmes has been seen in the possession of a child, and also has a stroller as we went to make a trip out of your apartment. The magazine also published photos of Suri Cruise, the mother with the child in arm, so that the report appeared convincing.

The child is said to be six months of age, and the actress is in the process of finalizing the adoption of a child with whom the sources say, Katie Holmes has fallen in love with. It is added that the adoption has been done in secret and, apparently, occurred during the running of the bulls.

“Katie has fallen totally in love with one special bundle of joy,” the source reportedly told the magazine. “She has the secret of the adoption of a child.”

Suri Cruise was also said to be “ecstatic love” with his little brother. 14-yer-old is said to be really happy with the new addition to your family.

In any case, this is a secret of adoption, the Day of the Woman, so that Katie Holmes is reported care. While she is keeping mom and child, is a dream come true for her and Suri because the teener was the desire to have a brother for years.

“Katie has always wanted another child,” the person who called the alleged. “He wanted to have four children and that was it, and one of the reasons why the left Tom Cruise was because he refused to have another child.”

Suri neglected and here is the truth

Then again, despite being happy to finally have a brother, the source says that Suri Cruise is not getting a lot of attention from your mom these days. It has been suggested that she was ignored a bit because Katie is taking care of the child.

Gossip Cop contacted Katie Holme, the representative and the representative told me that it is not true that has adopted a child. The publication pointed out that the truth is that the actress may not be that the celebration of a friend of his son when the photo in the story was taken. The truth is that this story of adoption is all a work of fiction.

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