Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damian Charles, and amaze with the extraordinary similarity


Some time ago, the son of Elizabeth Hurley, Damian Charlesdebuted as a model and has impressed everyone with the incredible likeness between the two, and also tend to dress in a similar manner, and accompanied by several events.

The first time he impressed everyone with his huge as it is it was the 17th birthday of Damian, last year, where he celebrated with his mother, Elizabeth holiday in Ananda in the Himalayas, a hotel with wellness centre, located in Narendranagar, India.

Damian is the only son of the actress, the fruit of love he had with the producer of an american millionaire Steve Bing, who has also suffered a DNA test to confirm his paternity.

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It was a photo in particular, which at the time caused great controversy, because they shared the the same t-shirt and seemed completely identical.

As expected, they both took the best of all the observations that have been made with regard to their similarity, so that take advantage of the maximum power to shake his followers by copying their smiles, postures, clothingto , among other things.

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While in social networks an abundance of photos and stories where they come out smiling, and as they love to spend time together, something really beautiful.

One of the pictures that caused a stir was a christmas card shared on the official account of Instagram of Damian where he is facing the camera, wearing hats abrigadores and boast the beautiful mane.

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It is worth remembering that Damiano started his career as a model some years ago, but unfortunately in the beginning was criticized strongly by the british media as they thought that their triumph was thanks to his mother, Elizabeth Hurley.

Damian wanted to try their luck with the action get a small role in The Royalsa novel that protagonizaba his mother in the role of a character of the queen consort of England, but after two episodes, it was cancelled.

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Now, Damian is able to signing up with the agency model based in London TESS Managementwhich also handles the careers of models such as Suki Waterhouse and Georgia May Jagger.