Danna Paola celebrates 25 years at the most; then he changed

Danna Paola celebrates 25 years at the most; then he changed [Espectáculos] – 23/06/2020
The city of mexico.- The actress and singer Danna Paola celebrates 25 years and is going through a great moment on a professional level.The actress made the leap to the international level thanks to the series of the Spanish Elite it has been for three seasons, was fired recently from her with most of the cast of main actors.

Rivera Munguía he was born on 23 June 1995 in Mexico City, and with only four years of age, he made his debut before the cameras in the children’s show Plaza Sesamoafter participating in various telenovelas and getting his first starring role at age 6 in the story of Mary of Bethlehem, which has been also discovered his musical talent.

Along with his singing career Danna has continued to reap successes on its facet of acting with projects such as Amy, the girl of the blue backpack and the Courage to Dream, which gave him worldwide fame with his character of “Ducky”. The passage of time the promising youngster, he dabbled in the world of musical theater, with works such as Wicked and Today I can Not Lift where it had the opportunity to develop their talents at the same time.


After a remarkable transformation, Danna returned to the small screen playing the daughter of Aracely Arambula Doñain addition to dabbling in the film, but the project would mark a turning point in his career, was the Spanish series produced by Netflix, and in which the mexican actress played the controversial criminal “Lucrezia borgia,” which has achieved great popularity.

After his return from Spain, the young man was part of the jury of the latest edition of the Academy, where he surprised with his style and character deposit at the time of the deal with the competitors.

With a long history. Danna Paola celebrates 25 years as one of the celebrities of the time, and this is your evolution in pictures.

Recently, the interpreter, has released his album, SIE7E+, which emit the single, which have earned him gold and platinum discs as he Hears Paul and a Bad Reputationin addition, he has presented other musical clip with You and Alone.

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However, I do not think so… today I woke up and, tied to this moment… and it’s amazing that he spent all this in less than a year., I decided to believe in me, believed in me, and the result, and the greatest gift are these detallazos, that add today and reward the effort that is full of love in my music. WOW really… I am very grateful to life, my team, my label, family, friends, lost loves, and to YOU DREAMERS, above all… it is crazy, I LOVE you so MUCH!!! never stop dreaming ever, and work hard to achieve their dreams, and the truth, magic exists, and even more so when you think that you can create by yourself. 7+ A WEEK OF THE LAUNCH OF PLATINUM HEY PAUL 3X PLATINUM IN INFAMOUS DIAMOND HANKS ENDLESS!!!!!

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So he changed the course of his career

The mexican he started working as an actress in your country with only five years. So it was in 2005 and so it seems, today, one of the idols for the youth of the time.

(Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images / Instagram / @dannapaola)

The baby has made his debut in the ‘Ray of light’ (2000) and he became a child star thanks to his starring role in ‘Mary of Bethlehem‘(2001). In the following years he worked on other productions such as ‘La familia P. Luche’ (2002), or Amy, the girl of the blue backpack’ (2004). Also in 2001, she released her first album, “My blue globe’.

(Photo: Televisa)

In 2005 he starred in the soap opera ‘Pablo and Andrea’ (2005) and released his third album, ‘Chiquita but spicy.”

(Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images)

Paola it has given life to the Duckling in “the Courage to dream’ (2009-2010), an adaptation of the series of argentina ‘ugly Duckling’ (2007-2008). The artist was unrecognizable, at that time, where lucy bangs, dentistry, hearing and eye protection.

(Photos: Victor Chavez / Getty Images)

In 2010 his appearance has changed in a radical way, and that is after the ‘Dare to dream’ (2009-2010) the left hand side-your idol as a child, and she doted on her music career. Has little to do with this look, with the hair entirely black, with its current appearance.

(Photo: Marla Cepeda / Getty Images)

It was in 2011 when focused on his next album and released several singlesin the midst of them ‘Dying for it’ with Luis Lauro; and “Zero gravity”.

(Photos: Victor Chavez / Getty Images)

In 2012 he saw the light from his album ‘Danna Paola’ and embarked on the Tour of Roulette. By then he had already left out by his whole appearance, child, and has become an icon of a teenager.

(Photos: Victor Chavez / Getty Images)

For the year 2013 was already one of the most popular celebrities in Mexico, and regular on the red carpet.

(Photos: Victor Chavez / Getty Images)

His work had impact in the united States, where he was promoting his music in 2014. During the same trip auditioned for the film ‘Saving Sara Cruza project for which it was chosen, but that never came to be shot.

(Photo: Vincent Sandoval / Getty Images)

The young man has never he departed from the interpretation, and in 2015 joined the series ‘who is it?’ (2015-2016). With a great projection, Paola had a look more sophisticated, and studied in the red carpet.

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If there is something that proves the rule of celebrities, that is definitely not to be the image of L’oréal. Just a few of the famous have the honor to become ambassadors of the company and the mexican is reached in 2016.

The diva osa and in 2017, we saw the long pink hair during the awards ceremony, the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice awards in Mexico.

(Photos: Victor Chavez / Getty Images)

2018 was a before and an after in his career. It was the year in which they debuted with “Elite” (2018-) and all the world knew that, thanks to its role as Lucrecia Montesinos.

(Photo: Gabriel Maseda / Getty Images)

In 2019 was surprised with this hairstyle during the promotion of “Elite” (2018-) in Madrid.

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His last work is Unique, the song that launched last may 28. The video clip is already on YouTube with over 11 million views and more than 475,000 likes. (Photo: YouTube / Danna Paola)

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