“SOS Forest” – this was the virtual concert of Sting, Mana, Anitta, Carlos Vives and more in favor of the tropical jungle | YouTube | VIDEO | NNDC-NNES International Exhibition


Great figures of the music world, including Sting, Carlos Vives, Carlinhos Brown, Manu Chao or the mexican group Mana will be joined this Sunday at the virtual concert of solidarity “SOS Rain forest” to support the indigenous population in their fight to preserve the rain forests of Africa, Asia, and South america.

“30 years ago, I was part of an initiative to try to protect the rainforest”said minutes prior to the start of the concert of Sting in reference to the organization Rainforest Foundation UK, which he co-founded in 1989 and for which funds were collected with this event in the past YouTube and Tik Tok.

“The Rainforest Foundation, has made many things in the last few years, but we now know that one of the main engines of climate change, global warming, extinction of species and the madness of the climate is the destruction of the rainforests of the world”added the singer-songwriter in action.

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“The message is the same, only that now it is more urgent”stressed before singing two of the most important accomplishments of The Policethe band, which was headed: “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” and “Every Breath You Take”.

The top model, the brazilian Gisele Bundchen he also wanted to participate in the event with a video message in which he said that “the best cure for this pandemic and the only vaccine is resistant against the pandemics of the future is to take care of mother nature.” I think that the regeneration of the forest destroyed is the key”said Bundchen.

The concert, which lasted more than three hours, was presented by the actress’s Spanish-English after their visit to Chaplin, grandson of the legendary Charles Chaplinand the brazilian actress Maria Paula Fidalgoand counted with the participation of important singers of Brazil, the country with the largest tropical rainforest in the world, the Amazon.

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Among them, iconic artists such as Gilberto Gil, Carlinhos Brown, and Caetano Veloso, who, before singing, “An Indian,” he called in a short speech of the union in the fight for the Amazon, a jungle that is said is “yelling for help”.

They have also participated in successful figures in the musical panorama of the brazilian current, as the duo Anavitoria, who sang “Her”, the singer Manu Gavassi, who performed “O Fim”, and Setting, with his “Dona de Mim” or Annita, who has participated with the “Light”.

The colombian Carlos Vives with its “Cumbiana”, the mexican Mana with “Where the children play?” and “Smells like sadness” and “Rain of hope”, the band indonesia Slank with “Hutan Karma” or the Norwegian Dawn with “The Seed” also participated in the virtual concert.

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The uruguayan Jorge Drexler also joined the initiative, with the singing of three songs, “elbow to elbow”, The “age of heaven” and “star Dust”.

“I know that Brazil is experiencing a historic moment, a very complex and chaotic, very scary. I want to dedicate this music to all those who are affected by the pandemic, directly or indirectly”said Drexler about the brazilian nation, which is today one of the most affected by the coronavirus already registered 1.084.000 of the infected, and 50,000 deaths.


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