Rob Kardashian may have been an important figure in men’s fashion, according to the fans


Whether you like it or not, you must admit that the sisters Kardashian-Jenner have had a huge impact on the world of fashion and beauty. The empires that these women are raised by their social networks and their followers are influential are simply breathtaking. The family has been able to leverage his fame into a real business with the fortune of long life. However, a brother has struggled to find his balance, as are her sisters. Rob Kardashian has been out of the public eye for quite some time, and fans are worried for him.

Now at least one fan that wonders about what might have been. If Rob Kardashian had made different decisions, would have had an impact on the world of fashion as you have made your sisters?

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The sisters Kardashian-Jenner increased their influence

Keeping up with the Kardashians debuted in 2007, and almost nobody could predict that it would be happening 13 years later. In the meantime, the sisters are not content to rest on their laurels. Each took his growing base of admirers and has taken significant and important to the business. His impact on the world of fashion and beauty, is clear.

Kylie Jenner has shaken up the world when you create a business cosmetic a huge success, when he was still a teenager. In the meantime, the three Kardashian sisters own the boutique DASH, who rebuilt when “literally had no money.” Kim Kardashian West has made a name for himself with the SWIPE, a line of belts. All the sisters can also get the best price for sponsored publications and sponsorships of the brand. It is safe to say that, together, the sisters are among the most influential people in the industry of beauty and fashion.

Rob Kardashian struggled to find his balance

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When it was presented in preview of KUWTK, Rob Kardashian was part of the cast as her sisters. The programme continued the whole family, and the points of the plot of Rob Kardashian were so important as those of any other person, which means that it was also growing a fan base and a recognizable name for the show. Fans I especially liked to see Rob joking with the then-boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, and the couple has brought a great comic relief to the drama.

At a certain point, Rob just disappeared from the show. There has been much speculation about the cause, and many point their experiences with weight gain and the anxiety over his appearance. In 2015, Rob has published a publication of Instagram irritable that we dug up his sister, Kim. Khloe Kardashian, in the name of his brother in the midst of the consequences, he explained, “Rob has become very introverted and has a new type of social anxiety”. Definitely not the happiest place “. He pointed to a hope for the future where his brother would be better, according to PageSix.

Fans believe that Rob Kardashian could do better

Unfortunately, things have not improved for Rob Kardashian. In 2016, received a daughter named Dream with his then-fiancée, Blac Chyna. Their relationship ended in an explosive way, a little later, and Rob has been fighting with her in court since then. In the public consequences, Rob released porn of revenge on your ex, and he has ousted from Instagram.

Some fans speculate that Rob would be a better place if he had not deceived the former flame Adrienne Bailon. Others think that it might still return, if it is able to act and to let go of their issues in the past and their comments on social networks.

Without a time machine, it is impossible to say exactly what could have been Rob if I had taken different decisions, but one fan turned to Twitter to imagine a world in which Rob had the same type of influence in the fashion that they have their sisters. This reality not only would have been better for Rob, but fans are also convinced that it would be better for men’s fashion. “The male market is very dry and needs a lot of revolution,” writes a fan. This may be true, but it seems unlikely that Rob will be the one that makes it possible.