Ana Brenda Contreras Could Be Maluma’s Double

Ana Brenda Contreras, Mexican actress.

The famous actress also believes that she looks like Aladdin

Like many celebrities, Ana Brenda Contreras joined a viral challenge that consists of using an application to show how they would be in the opposite sex and although most of the results of the others have been fun, hers left her seriously thinking which could be Maluma’s copy.

Through her Instagram Stories, the actress shared various photographs with her male look and one of them shows a huge physical resemblance to the Colombian, so she did not hesitate to insinuate that she would have no problem covering him at concerts or signatures. autographs just in case he couldn’t show up.

“My thing would have been the Turkish novels or outright they would have known me as a reggaeton player and Maluma would not be Maluma”, Ana Brenda wrote next to the image in which she showed her version of the singer, which she accompanied with the song “Felices Los Cuatro ”Musical background.

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On the other hand, the protagonist of the soap opera “Por Amar Sin Ley” uploaded more images in which she said she was surprised because she had certain Arab features, so she did not hesitate that she would be the ideal person to play Aladdin in a play. Theatrical and revealed that his fans were so fascinated by the masculine image that he believes he would be more successful in attaching himself to someone as a man than as a woman.