Students in their last year of secondary school held its graduation for the elevation of


The pandemic coronavirus it has changed the lives of all, and one of the areas that has been pushed to transform its methodology, is education, in particular graduates and final-year students, who have also had that to celebrate their charts for heights.


A graduate of the senior class was held in the sky next to a mountain, after the cancellation of the traditional ceremony due for COVID-19.

This was the case of the class of 2020 High School Kennett, in a private ceremony graduated with a degree in Cranmore Mountain in North Conway, New Hampshirewhere 174 students and family members enjoyed a unique celebration and a breathtaking view.

In a “Plan B” that makes the original seem downright boring.

Each member of the Class of 2020, as well as an after-school program The Eagle Academy, I had a choice: you could take the lift up to the summit, or to receive a diploma at the base of the chair quad Skimobile Express Cranmore.

After grabbing their diplomas and get their photos, graduates and their guests went to the mountain in a chairlift.


The director of Kennett, Kevin Carpenterhe said the idea started as a joke to the practical need for social distancing during the ceremony.

Carpenter called Ben Wilcox, a pupil of Kennett, who is also the president and general manager of Cranmore Mountain Resort. Well said: Let me ask the owner”– Brian Fairbank and his son, Tyler –“and they gave me the green light”said Carpenter.

“It does not appear that alternative options be sufficient for these students, who are already missing so much. We presented the idea of Cranmore and their like. This is not your traditional degree, but it will be special. without a doubt.”

Located a few miles to the north of the school, Cranmore mountain is the “home” of the ski teams in high school, he said Carpenter.

Home exercise took place on the football field of the stadium Gary Millen Kennett.

Graduations unforgettable

While the graduates of all the parties may not have the ceremonies with which you always dreamed of, they are still looking for ways to celebrate their successes.

Have been made of the annuals complete in Instagram, many parades of cars and soon to be virtual.

An example of this are the graduates of Somerset Island Preparatory, a secondary school located in Key West, Floridathat did not cross the stage for their graduation ceremony, but instead he took his celebration to the sea.

To do this, students have a free course of three hours of training in jet ski, maintained by a local company that provided the jet of water to school

Another example is the school in Telluride, Colorado, which held its graduation ceremony of the gondolas ski disinfected.

Several secondary schools also organize ceremonies or virtual drive-planned and intelligently honor graduates with surprises and decorations in the house.

Artists have also celebrated the graduations school their children. Christina Aguilera he gave his son, Max, a sweet greeting to Saturday.


“My degree! I am so proud of you, my love! And sending love and congratulations to all the graduates for this time!” he wrote next to a selfie of them in the pool.

Heather Locklear he surprised his daughter, Ava, with a parade of epic to celebrate your graduation Loyola Marymount University with a gpa of 4.0.

Laura Dern, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consolation also celebrated the graduation of their children.

This is a clear example of what he can do, pulling out the good from the bad. Congratulations Class Of 2020!

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