Camila Cabello she raises her voice for the rights of transgender people


In addition to being in favour of the protests against racism all over the world, Camila Cabello has established in the pride month to show their support for LGBT people and ask, well, which his many fans to support this cause. The girlfriend of Shawn Mendes has shared some images on social networks to ask their fans to stand up for the rights of transgender people.

The interpreter of ‘Oh My god’ take advantage of the millions of fans who follow her on the social network to propagate a discourse in behalf of the people of the LGBT communityand , in particular, for transgender people, which constitute one of the most vulnerable categories of the community within this.

“This month is pride month. I have so much respect and admiration for the LGBTQ +, this community includes some of the most courageous, kind and strong I know. Teach me by example what it means to be true to yourself and to your heart, what it means to be courageous, what it means to be fierce and gentle at every step of the way and to live YOUR truth, no matter how difficult and scary it can be, to love who you want to love. Good month of pride,” wrote Camille in one of his publications, under the slogan “freedom”.

For what I said a couple of words against the actions of Trump in these difficult moments that life in the united States. “In the middle of one of the worst outbreaks of violence against transgender people, black Trump has decided to shut down a law that deletes the protections of the age of Obama for the patients transsexuals, who are subject to discrimination in health care. We are not where we should be, we have to fight. Please, go to my stories of urges where you can find a list of support organisations. Today donaré to @translawcenter”.

After this gesture of one of the great artists of the music scene of today, some of them have already been baptized as one of the queens of the community. And we agree!