Luis Curiel: My character in “Control Z” it was a challenge for what is not seen



The mexican actor Luis Curiel gave life in the successful series “Control Z” to Louis, a character that, as he confessed in an interview with Efe, it was quite a challenge because of the difficulty of having to create many elements of their lives in the series are not displayed.

“I already knew that it was a challenge because I had to build many things that are not seen in the series to be powerful. If not, it was going to be flimsy and poorly credible”, explained the young man.

To prepare their interpretation went to strengthen the memories of childhood, especially in the father figure who is not present but can be intuited and worked with the actress who plays his mother to strengthen the relationship that is not at all times shown, but that has a lot of strength.

“It should be, the people we talked to we know only a part and there is substance that you do not know that has lived but gives identity and that needs to be seen in each character,” he insisted.

The successful series mexican youth, which is having a large audience not only in Mexico, recounts how the students of a school are the victims of a hacker who will reveal their intimacies.

From this central axis, there is a development in depth of each character is what, according to the actor, you get to engage the public.

To get to create identities, strong and clear links on the screens it was essential that the actors do readings prior to the start of the recordings. With this they managed to know each other, generate empathy and to have an environment of near work.

“All of a sudden when you’re in a youth series can be a chaos but thanks to the trials was quite the opposite, and we were disciplined and willing to work. There was a significant synergy”, explained Curiel.

In addition to this, the directors Alejandro Lozano (“Killing Cabos”, movie of 2004) and Bernard Rose (“M13dos”, series of 2007) they gave a lot of freedom to the young actors to create and add your touch to the scenes, something that turned out to add an extra spontaneity to the series, something that the interpreter feels “very proud”.

Curiel plays his namesake Luis, a young anti-social and shy that receives bullying by a group of peers, mercilessly apparent, get with him and even beat. However, Sofia (played by Ana Valeria Becerril) always appears on the scene to try to defend him from his bullies.


And the bullying is not the only current issue or controversial that dares to treat the series, as they talk about drugs, sex, and sexual preferences, among other things.

For this is that, considered Curiel, the series is connecting much with the audience, because it’s about situations that happen in reality and, far from seeking to promote such efforts, given the importance they can have for any young and not hide them, something that does not happen in many other productions.

“One of the first things that I saw is that it was a script that would connect well with the current generation. There are many projects for kids, but none as efficient. It is very contemporary and above all, I saw the opportunity that provided me with the character, that I couldn’t move and I had a situation that was important to share”, he added.

Despite the fact that he and many of his companions saw the possibilities of the series and were satisfied when they had finished the recordings, we were surprised to see the end result and the reaction of the spectators.

So much so, that last Friday we confirmed the actors to direct that there will be a second season, indicating that they are getting good numbers on Netflix.

“It’s a totally unique experience of having worked with each and every one of my colleagues, my producers and director. I think that is how we have to do things, connecting with the actors and having empathy with them. That makes the project alive,” he explained.

Curiel gained popularity with her participation in the series “Narcos: Mexico” as Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman teenager and was previously part of the cast of the series “As the saying goes” (Televisa) and “La Rosa de Guadalupe (Univision).

“I feel lucky because I have had the opportunity to be in the two chains of television’s most important country, on Amazon, Netflix and National Geographic. I’m very glad about that because it gives me many tools to learn how to face new challenges, adapt and evolve in this world that goes so fast,” he said.