That set the anxiety that you suffer from Ashley Tisdale


Ashley Tisdale, Vanity Fair Oscar Party-2018

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Ashley will reveal all in his upcoming album.

Ashley Tisdale everything is ready for her next musical release and promises to be very intense. During the event, Create & Cultivate, the former star of Disney Channel’s shared drive Symptoms will you tell your fight against the anxiety, with which –he said– “I have tried probably all of my life. But I became very aware of this in the last two years.”

With this album, he said, wants to support all those who suffer from this same problem or another.

“If someone at home can listen to it and feel not so alone, that’s all I can do”, he shared. “So I’m very excited”.

“I think it’s one of those things we should talk more. Especially because the word depression is very large,” he said. “Now we feel really comfortable talking about the anxiety, but I’ve always been on a journey of looking at self-help books. I never took anything, but I have definitely had times where I’ve had that state of mind,” he said.

“I feel that we need to take away the stigma of that.”

Symptoms will be released in the coming months.