Criticism of The Dark Knight. A classic signed by Christopher Nolan


With the recent news that Warner Bros. is investigating the possibility of releasing in cinema’s trilogy of Batman starring Christian Bale to encourage people to return to the rooms, in The Questions we want reversion ‘The Dark Knight’ (2008), the classic film of Batman, which went to its director Christopher Nolan as one of the most important of our generation. NOTICE: This text contains some SPOILERS that will be previously advised (although honestly it is unlikely that you have not seen the movie). We leave you with our review of The Dark Knight, a must for lovers of superheroes and Batman.

Synopsis of The Dark Knight (2008)

The battle for the soul of Gotham is in good moments, thanks to the action of District Attorney Harvey Dent, the police commissioner James Gordon and the night watchman Batman (Christian Bale). But the emergence of a new villain dubbed “Joker” (Heath Ledger) will disrupt even more this fight.

The Batman The dark knight
The Batman The dark knight

Criticism of The Dark Knight (2008)

That Christopher Nolan he devoted himself with this movie, it’s a fact. The sequel to his first film about the man-bat, Batman Begins (Christopher Nolan, 2005) surprised the whole world and became the role model of the cinema of superheroes since its premiere, although no one came even closer. And although Nolan have as much followers as detractors, the one that concerns us is the best example to demonstrate that it is of the best doing what he does. And now, in this critical The Dark Knight, desgranaremos why.

The movie The Dark Knight it has many layers of analysis. We could talk for hours about all their small virtues, their details, their approach, and even mention details as curious as that Heath Ledger it is commissioned without supervision of the director of the “home videos” that it sends to the tv in the fiction. But we want to focus on the basics, the basics that made this film, in the language of the Internet, what petase. And that is, mainly, that tells a good story.

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman

The best, your narrative

And yes, The Dark Knight it is one of those movies whose narrative is impeccable. Get get hooked from the first moment and during their two and a half hours keeps you glued to the seat, giving you gradually dose of adrenaline and emotions, and moving forward in his story in such a way that you just want more. You realize as well your story that it doesn’t matter that you take certain licenses.

A critical recurrent theme in many movies is the “lack of logic” those scenes, and/or decisions that occur and that we do not end up to make ends meet. But really, that lack of logic is nothing more than a perception that we have when the narrative is not working as it should. Well, The Dark Knight it has some moments which, looked at with the proper precision, would not have much sense. (Now we are unveiling some of the data from the film) “How do you know Gordon and the police that the character of Lau (Chin Have) is compinchado with the mafia?” “Why Batman after saving Rachel the fall of your attic does not return to the Joker?” “What a coincidence that the Joker know that only one of the two (Harvey Dent or Rachel) is going to be saved, isn’t it?”

Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger

But do you know what? The answer to this question is very simple: What does it matter? And it gives us exactly the same because they serve a purpose. Serve a story that you know very well where it is leading us and we, spectators, we are enjoying in such a way that those things do not affect us. And we are not affected because, as we have discussed, the narrative of the film is impeccable.

Your script, your way to go desvelándonos the elements of its plot, its use of montage, and the atmosphere are so exquisite that we could have anything. Nolan is a director who puts all the elements in the service of the plot and with The Dark Knight put all the meat on the grill to keep us guessing until the last second.

Another characteristic to highlight of this film is that the genres do not have to stick to some specific rules. The Dark Knightfirst of all, it is not a Superhero movie (although Batman is in it). We have a film of crimes, with three foci differentiated pursuing a goal; we have elements of black film (although much of the movie is developed, as would the Joker “in the full light of day”); but we do not have any element of epic, or of epic in the style of the superheroes on the screen. In the opinion of this author, to make a film totally different but had the covered of a comic book hero was a success in every rule, because it allows you to enrich the story and build, finally, a movie that is authentic and unique. And that is appreciated.

And once having a more than solid foundation, the time comes to analyze the surface, the visual impact initial. Not only the movie is recorded very well, but speaking in a christian, the film is very cool.

Heath Ledger is the Joker
Heath Ledger is the Joker

The cast of the film

The cast is magnificent: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and a Heath Ledger in a state of grace. Their performances are decent and are very successful, especially the Joker that marked a milestone in the history of the villains in the film with a performance etched in everyone’s memory (and who won the posthumous Oscar.

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